Xenic Alignment System

Xenic Alignment System Chart
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The Xenic Alignment System also known as the Gem Gender System is a system of Xenogenders related to different aspects like masculinity, femininity, etc., with all of them being xenine.


The Xenic Alignment System and all of the terms within it were coined on February 15, 2018 by Admin Kyle at the now deleted Tumblr blog Uncommongenders.


All of the flags for genders within the Xenic Alignment System follow the same format, that being five triangles around each other, with parts of them being cut off by the flag boarder, gradienting with the same color- darker in the middle and getting lighter towards the edges.


The a chart meant to show the relation of the terms within the Xenic Alingment System was made by Tumblr user System-LGBT on February 22, 2018.1

The Terms

To see all the terms within the Xenic Alignment system, see Xenic Alignment System Genders

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