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Starboy is an Actiogender, Aerogender, Aesthetigender, Fluxiagender, Jurisgender, and Musicagender defined as "A male aligned xenogender with a strong relation to cyber punk. It's related heavily to petty crime, boasting, and darkness. It feels somewhat empty and can even drag one down, but grows stronger and more fulfilling when something bad or morally objectionable is being one. For example, lying, stealing, bragging, etc. It also feels a strong connection to The Weekend song of the same name."1


Coining History

Abstractgender was coined on or before June 11, 2020, by now deleted Tumblr user MOGAI-Jo.2

Flag and Symbol History

The flag was made by now deleted Tumblr user MOGAI-Jo on or before June 11, 2020.3

As of June 12, 2022, Starboy doesn't have a symbol.


The etymology of Starboy was never posted.

Suggested Pronouns

  • Ba/Bad/Bads/Bad's/Badself
  • Voi/Void/Voids/Void's/Voidself
  • Sta/Star/Stars/Star's/Starself
  • Bo/Boy/Boys/Boy's/Boyself
  • Cy/Cyber/Cybers/Cyber's/Cyberself
  • Pu/Punk/Punks/Punk's/Punkself
  • Thef/Theft/Thefts/Theft's/Theftself
  • Bra/Brag/Brags/Brag's/Bragself
  • Bo/Bost/Boasts/Boast's/Boastself
  • Vand/Vandal/Vandals/Vandal's/Vandalself
  • L/Lie/Lies/Lie's/Lieself
  • Des/Deceit/Deceits/Deceit's/Deceitself
  • I'd also suggest other crime, sin, evil, etc. themed pronouns4

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