Scigender(umbrella term)

Name(s) and Definition(s)

Scigender is an umbrella term defined as "An umbrella term for any gender related to science. Has the subcategories Technogender, Astronogender, Mathgender, and Linguistingender"1


Coining History

Scigender was coined on September 27, 2020, by Mod Em at Tumblr blog MOGAI-Monarchs2

Flag and Symbol History

The flag was made by Tumblr blog Rando-Pride-Flags on October 30, 2020.3

As of June 12, 2022, Scigender doesn't have a symbol.

Incorrect Conflation With Sciencegender

On November 3, 2020, the term was incorrectly conflated with the MOGIApedia/MOGAI-Watch gender of a similar name, Sciencegender, by MOGAI Wiki user Pinely.4

The term was incorrectly credited as an alternate name, with it's coining being referred to as a second coining, though not an entirely separate recoining. While a link to Scigender's coining post was added in the page revision it was still treated as an alternate name and coining.

It's unknown where this misconception came from, nor if/when either page will be corrected.


The etymology of Scigender was never posted.

Suggested Pronouns

Scigender doesn't have any suggested pronouns.

Related Genders


This gender doesn't have any subsets

Similar or Otherwise Related Genders

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