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Name(s) and Definition(s)

Scenecoric is an Aesthetigender (as well as a Colorgender, Imagrigender, Musicagender, and Vestitigender in the second redefinition and a Subcultigender in the third redefinition) defined as "a xenogender related to scenecore"1
It was redefined as "A coric xenogender related to scenecore."2

It was redefined again as "a coric xenogender related to scenecore. It is based on the aesthetic of the scene subculture. It involves the imagery of neon colors, black stripes or checkered patterns, fingerless gloves, rainbows, colorful and chunky beads, as well as scene music and other media associated with the subculture."3

It was redefined a third time as "an aesthetigender based around scenecore/scene culture!! "4


Coining and Definition History

Scenecoric was coined on February 15, 2019, by Hi via Tumblr blog Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags.5

It was first redefined on May 31, 2021, by LGBTA Wiki user Paiige1.6

It was redefined again later the same date by LGBTA Wiki user Choaticcylinder.7

It was redefined a third time on November 21, 2021, by Twitter user oumiesxenos.8

Flag and Symbol History

The flag was made by Fy at Tumblr blog Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags on February 20, 2019.9

The recoin flags were made by Tumblr user Dangan-Genders on December 10, 2020.10

The first redesigns were made by an anonymous submitter to Tumblr blog Nebularomantic on March 16, 2019.11

The second redesign was made by Tumblr user Craftgender on November 20, 2019.12

The third redesign was made by Tumblr user Gendertech on February 25, 2020.13

The fourth redesign was made by now deleted LGBTA Wiki user PluralAnomaly on July 6, 2020.14

The fifth redesign was made by Tumblr user Lolliepops-Rox on September 2, 2020.15

The sixth redesign was made by Mod Hermy at Deviantart account Pride-Flags on March 6, 2021.16

As of June 12, 2022, Scenecoric doesn't have a symbol.


The etymology of Scenecoric was never posted.

Suggested Pronouns

Scenecoric doesn't have any suggested pronouns

Related Genders


This gender doesn't have any subsets

Similar or Otherwise Related Genders


Original Flag, Redesigns, and Symbol(s)


First Redesigns

First Scenecoric Redesign 2
Image Unavailable
Flag Meaning: Unknown or nonexistent

Second Redesign

Third Redesign

Fourth Redesign

Fifth Redesign

Sixth Redesign

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