Saientbina Flag
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Flag Meaning: The colors are ones that are common on the building (dark and light grey from the name and blues from the ‘body’ of the building)

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Name(s) and Definition(s)

Saientbina is a Cultgender and Locatiogender in the Scientology Subsystem defined as "A gender related to Big Blue (the blue Scientology building that’s in a lot of the ads for their network) in LA - Part of the Scientology Subsystem"1


Coining and Definition History

Saientbina was coined on June 25, 2021, by Tumblr user Page-2-IDs.2

Flag and Symbol History

The flag was made by Tumblr user Page-2-IDs on June 25, 2021.3

As of June 12, 2022, Saientbina doesn't have a symbol.


"The name comes from “Saient” from saientorojī (サイエントロジー) the Japanese word for Scientology and bina the Azerbaijani word for building (the ‘object’ not the action)"4

Suggested Pronouns

  • Blu/Blue/Blue/Blues/Blueself
  • Blu/Blue/Blues/Blues/Blueself
  • Blue/Blue/Blues/Blues/Blueself
  • Build/Building/Building/Buildings/Buildingself
  • Build/Building/Buildings/Buildings/Buildingself
  • Buildi/Building/Building/Buildings/Buildingself
  • Buildi/Building/Buildings/Buildings/Buildingself
  • Buildin/Building/Building/Buildings/Buildingself
  • Buildin/Building/Buildings/Buildings/Buildingself
  • Building/Building/Buildings/Buildings/Buildingself
  • Cross/Cross/Crosses/Crosses/Crosself
  • Cross/Cross/Crosses/Crosses/Crossself
  • Crow/Cross/Cross/Crosses/Crosself
  • Crow/Cross/Cross/Crosses/Crossself
  • Crow/Cross/Crosses/Crosses/Crosself
  • Crow/Cross/Crosses/Crosses/Crossself
  • Gra/Gray/Gray/Grays/Grayself
  • Gra/Gray/Grays/Grays/Grayself
  • Grae/Graem/Graer/Graers/Graerself
  • Grae/Graer/Graer/Graers/Graerself
  • Grae/Graer/Graers/Graers/Graerself
  • Grae/Gray/Gray/Grays/Grayself
  • Grae/Gray/Grays/Grays/Grayself
  • Gray/Gray/Grays/Grays/Grayself
  • Gre/Grey/Grey/Greys/Greyself
  • Gre/Grey/Greys/Greys/Greyself
  • Grey/Grey/Greys/Greys/Greyself
  • Scient/Scientology/Scientology/Scientologys/Scientologyself
  • Scient/Scientology/Scientologys/Scientologys/Scientologyself
  • Sciento/Scientology/Scientology/Scientologys/Scientologyself
  • Sciento/Scientology/Scientologys/Scientologys/Scientologyself
  • Scientol/Scientology/Scientology/Scientologys/Scientologyself
  • Scientol/Scientology/Scientologys/Scientologys/Scientologyself
  • Scientolo/Scientology/Scientology/Scientologys/Scientologyself
  • Scientolo/Scientology/Scientologys/Scientologys/Scientologyself
  • Scientolog/Scientology/Scientology/Scientologys/Scientologyself
  • Scientolog/Scientology/Scientologys/Scientologys/Scientologyself
  • Scientology/Scientology/Scientologys/Scientologys/Scientologyself
  • Sigh/Sign/Sign/Signs/Signself
  • Sigh/Sign/Signs/Signs/Signself
  • Sign/Sign/Signs/Signs/Signself
  • ♾/♾/♾s/♾s/♾self
  • 💙/💙/💙s/💙s/💙self
  • 🔵/🔵/🔵s/🔵s/🔵self
  • 🟦/🟦/🟦s/🟦s/🟦self
  • 🔷/🔷/🔷s/🔷s/🔷self
  • 🔹/🔹/🔹s/🔹s/🔹self5

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Original Flag, Redesigns, and Symbol(s)


Original Saientbina Flag
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Flag Meaning: The colors are ones that are common on the building (dark and light grey from the name and blues from the ‘body’ of the building)
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