Royalogy Flag
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Flag Meaning: The colors are just ones that I associate with magic and the occult.

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Name(s) and Definition(s)

Royalogy is a Colorgender, Conceptigender, Cultgender, Intangigender, Imagrigender, Mythogender, Objegender, and Cultgender in the Scientology Subsystem defined as "A MAGIN gender related to royalty, crowns, power, magic, symbolism, cults, mystery, the occult, the color pink, the color purple, and Scientology. It feels mysterious, dark, hidden, and magical. It’s related to the Rose Cross, the Rosy Cross Lamen worn by Adepts, and the Scientology Cross.

This gender has moments of vibrancy and is related to instances of bright, colorful strings of light in the darkness.

It also has loose ties to Free Masonry, pyramid imagery and symbolism, and spirituality, though it’s not as closely related to those as it is to everything else. - Part of the Scientology Subsystem"1


Coining and Definition History

Royalogy was coined on June 12, 2021, by Tumblr user Page-2-IDs.2

Flag and Symbol History

The flag was made by Tumblr user Page-2-IDs on June 12, 2021.3

As of June 12, 2022, Royalogy doesn't have a symbol.


"The name comes from royal and “logy” from Scientology."4

Suggested Pronouns

  • Cross/Cross/Crosses/Crosses/Crosself
  • Cross/Cross/Crosses/Crosses/Crossself
  • Crow/Cross/Cross/Crosses/Crosself
  • Crow/Cross/Cross/Crosses/Crossself
  • Crow/Cross/Crosses/Crosses/Crosself
  • Crow/Cross/Crosses/Crosses/Crossself
  • Dark/Dark/Darkness/Darkness/Darknesself
  • Dark/Dark/Darkness/Darkness/Darknessself
  • Dark/Dark/Darkness/Darkness/Darkself
  • Dark/Darkness/Darkness/Darknesses/Darknesself
  • Dark/Darkness/Darknesses/Darknesses/Darknesself
  • Dark/Darkness/Darkness/Darknesses/Darknessself
  • Dark/Darkness/Darknesses/Darknesses/Darknessself
  • Mage/Magenta/Magentas/Magentas/Magentaself
  • Magic/Magical/Magicals/Magicals/Magicalself
  • Maj/Mage/Mages/Mages/Mageself
  • Maj/Magic/Magics/Magics/Magicself
  • Pi/Pink/Pinks/Pinks/Pinkself
  • Pin/Pink/Pinks/Pinks/Pinkself
  • Pow/Power/Power/Powers/Powerself
  • Pow/Power/Powers/Powers/Powerself
  • Powe/Power/Power/Powers/Powerself
  • Powe/Power/Powers/Powers/Powerself
  • Power/Power/Powers/Powers/Powerself
  • Pu/Purple/Purples/Purples/Purpleself
  • Pur/Purple/Purples/Purples/Purpleself
  • Purp/Purple/Purples/Purples/Purpleself
  • Ro/Rosey/Roseys/Roseys/Roseyself
  • Ros/Rosey/Roseys/Roseys/Roseyself
  • Rose/Rosey/Roseys/Roseys/Roseyself
  • 💜/💜/💜s/💜s/💜self
  • 🎆/🎆/🎆s/🎆s/🎆self🎆[sic]
  • 🟪/🟪/🟪s/🟪s/🟪self
  • 🟣/🟣/🟣s/🟣s/🟣self
  • 💗/💗/💗s/💗s/💗self
  • 🌸/🌸/🌸s/🌸s/🌸self
  • 🎇/🎇/🎇s/🎇s/🎇self
  • ✨/✨/✨s/✨s/✨self
  • 💫/💫/💫s/💫s/💫self
  • ♾/♾/♾s/♾s/♾self
  • 🖤/🖤/🖤s/🖤s/🖤self
  • 🕳/🕳/🕳s/🕳s/🕳self
  • ⚫/⚫/⚫s/⚫s/⚫self
  • ⬛/⬛/⬛s/⬛s/⬛self
  • ◼/◼/◼s/◼s/◼self
  • ▪/▪/▪s/▪s/▪self
  • ◾/◾/◾s/◾s/◾self
  • 👑/👑/👑s/👑s/👑self
  • ✝/✝/✝s/✝s/✝self5

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Original Flag, Redesigns, and Symbol(s)


Original Royalogy Flag
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Flag Meaning: The colors are just ones that I associate with magic and the occult.
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