Who is Pupyzu?

Pupyzu is one of (if not) the most prolific coining blogs in the MOGAI community. In his less than a year on this specific blog, the users of this blog have coined easily thousands of terms, with over 100 of them being coined in their first month. These genders are often part of one of his many gender systems, three of which are easy contenders for being the biggest in the MOGAI community.


Pupyzu as a blog is run by multiple different individuals, all seemingly part of the same system. Those users are all listed below.

  • Nicolas, also known as James and more commonly as Nico, uses they/he/she pronouns. They're also the original creator and formerly sole user of this blog
  • Ambra, also known as Ember and Rhys, uses boo/py/spook/she/it pronouns.
  • Cavity, also known as Cavi, uses she/xe pronouns.
  • Charlie, also known as Charles, uses he/they/kit pronouns.
  • Dorian, also known as Dori, uses he/she pronouns.
  • Tobias, also known as Toby, Bat, and Bruce, uses x/it/that thing pronouns.
  • Toxin, also known as Tori and Tox, uses they/them pronouns.
  • Vera uses it/she pronouns.1



Nico first posted on the blog on January 31, 2021.2 This initial post has been edited multiple times. Since the blogs creation, the members, primarily Nico at first, have been posting mostly regularly.

Their Terms

For a full list of genders coined by the users of this blog, see Pupyzu's Terms.

Their Gender Systems

In the past nearly three years, Mason has made multiple gender systems, one of which seems to be the largest within the MOGAI community.

Botw System

The Botw System is a system of Gamegenders related to different places/locations in Breath of the Wild

Cozy System

The Cozy System is a system of Feeligenders and Xenogenders related to how one feels about presenting a specific way, while their gender is or isn't a specific thing

Critter System

The Critter System is a system of Faunagenders, Fluiagenders, Fluxiagenders, Hoardeangenders, and Xenogendersthat are named after animals, specifying what kinds of genders one hoards.

Magian System

The Magian System is a system of Mythogenders, Fictigenders, and Fluiagenders related to different kinds of magic.

Prince System

The Prince System is a system of various kinds of genders related to princehood, prince aesthetics, and nonbinary boyhood.

Princess System

The Princess System is a system of various kinds of genders related to princesshood, princess aesthetics, and nonbinary gilhood.

Royal System

The Royal System is a system of various kinds of genders related to royalty, royal aesthetics, and nonbinaryness.

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