Puniceum Minisystem

What is the Puniceum Minisystem

The Puniceum Minisystem is a part of the Genderstajon System and one of the 11 minisystems under the Colorius Subsystem, made up of genders related to the color red,1 alongside various other things. It has some of the most variety of the system, due to its loose connecting theme.

It is also one of the biggest minisystem under the Colorius Subsystem, alongside the Album Minisystem, being made up of 7 genders in total.


The Puniceum Minisystem was coined on September 29, 2020,2 the same day as both the Colorius Subsystem and all of its other minisystems, by Mason on Tumblr.

The Terms

To view all the terms in the Puniceum Minisystem, see Puniceum Minisystem Genders.

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