Prince System

Prince System Flag Template
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Flag Meaning: browns: connection to a prince/royal aesthetic


The Prince System is a system of various types of genders that are related to princehood, prince aesthetics, and nonbinary boyhood. It's one of the largest gender systems within the MOGAI community, largely in part to the 'open' nature of the system with everyone being able to contribute to it. Given the loose nature of the connecting theme of the system, it also has some of the most variety of any MOGAI gender system.


Prince System first had terms coined in it on February 7, 2021,1 by Nico at Tumblr blog Pupyzu. Since then, the system has been added to very consistently by Nico and several other Tumblr users, one of the most prominent and prolific being Mason on Tumblr.

The Flags

The Prince System is one of few MOGAI gender systems to not only have a flag format but to have certain stripes of that format always be the same color. This format is three horizontal brown stripes at the top, getting lighter the further they go down, one stripe that can be any color, a thicker, light brown, middle stripe, and three bottom stripes that can be any other color or colors. The procreate template for the flags was posted to Deviant-Art on April 12, 2021.2

While the Deviant-Art post and the majority of the Prince System posts don't include a color meaning for the pre-set stripes, a number of the original posts for the Prince System did, alongside providing them for the changing stripes.


While there is very little connection between the names of genders within the Prince System, there is one rule and one commonality. Every gender within the Prince System is prefixed with Pri-, ex. Priaesthetic, and a number of these terms end with ic so the suffix for these terms can be used as the prefix for the term's Princess System counterpart.

The Terms

To see all the terms in the Prince System, see Prince System Genders

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