OT Minisystem

OTgender Flag
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Flag Meaning: The colors represent generally godliness, holiness, etc.

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What is the OT Minisystem

The OT Minisystem is one of the smallest parts within the Dianetics System and one of four minisystems within the Scientology Subsystem. It's made up of genders related to OT/Operating Thetan Levels.

The OT Minisystem is described as "A minisystem of the Scientology system related to OT levels"1


The OT Minisystem was coined on June 3, 2021,2, alongside the rest of the Dianetics System parts.3

The minisystem first had terms in it coined on June 13, 2021,4 with VIIIotic being coined ten days after the minisystem's actual coining.5 This part of the system seems to still be having terms added to it, as other parts of the Dianetics System are also still growing and there haven't been any posts about it being completed.

The Terms

To view all the terms in the OT Minisystem, see OT Minisystem Genders.

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