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The Genderstajon System also known as the Genderstajon Supersystem is a system of various types of genders that branches off into a number of subsystems, and minisystems. All of the genders in this system are genders that Genderstajon, the base term in the system, can be fluid through. This gender system contains hundreds of genders within its multiple sub and minisystems and is one of the most 'complex' within the MOGAI community.


Genderstajon System was coined on March 20, 2020,1 by Mason on Tumblr, with more genders within the main system being coined, at that time, up until the 28 of the same month.2

The system was left unchanged for a few more months, before having a number of sub and minisystems added, starting on September 21, 2020,3 and having more genders coined within them until September 29, 2020.4

Again, the Genderstajon System was left unchanged until April 30, 2021,5 when the coiner, Mason coined three more subsystems in a 'revival' of the system.6

Given the lack of changes to the system since, it seems unlikely that the Genderstajon System will be updated again.

Parts of the System

The Genderstajon System has a number of sub and minisystems, sorting genders within the system into more specific subcategories, such as genders related to certain colors or kinds of weather. It also has a main system that doesn't have much of a connecting thread between the genders, other than being nature related. To view all of the genders in the system, see All Genderstajon Genders

Genderstajon Main System

The main part of the Genderstajon System, the Genderstajon Main System is made up of genders that don't have any main connection to each other, outside of being related to nature or things in nature in some way and aren't part of any of the subsystems. This is the biggest part of the system.

Colorius Subsystem

A subsystem of color related genders.7 This subsystem is primarily made up of color-specific minisystems.

Album Minisystem

also known as the Albatross Minisystem A minisystem of white related genders.8

Atrum Minisystem

A minisystem of dark and black related genders.9

Auranticum Minisystem

A minisystem of orange and brown related genders.10

Caeruleum Minisystem

A minisystem of blue related genders.11

Galbum Minisystem

A minisystem of chartreuse related genders.12

Gilvum Minisystem

A minisystem of yellow related genders.13

Lividum Minisystem

A minisystem of blue related genders.14

Puniceum Minisystem

A minisystem of red related genders.15

Purpureum Minisystem

A minisystem of purple related genders, as well as one pink/rose(color) related gender.16

Ravum Minisystem

also known as the Grey Minisystem A minisystem of grey related genders.17

Violaceum Minisystem

A minisystem of violet(color) related genders.18

Cornfield Subsystem

A subsystem of field and/or meadow related genders.19

Genderautumnis Subsystem

also known as the Genderautumnis Tiny Subsystem A subsystem of autumnal genders.20

Genderherbst Subsystem

A subsystem of Autumn related genders.21

Genderhiberno Subsystem

A subsystem of wintry genders.22

Gendermundus Subsystem

A subsystem of clean and colorful genders.23

Gendernimbifer Subsystem

A subsystem of stormy and storm related genders.24

Gendernivifer Subsystem

A subsystem of icy genders.25

Gendernott Subsystem

A subsystem of night related genders.26

Gendersilvam Subsystem

A subsystem of forest and tree related genders.27

Gendersnaiwaz Subsystem

A subsystem of snow related genders.28

Gramineusgender Subsystem

A subsystem of grassy and grass related genders.29

Papaver Minisystem

A subsystem of poppy related genders.30 This system technically counts as a subsystem, rather than a minisystem given that it's under a main/big system, rather than under a subsystem the way that minisytems are.

Plume and Feathers Subsystem

also known as the PFS A subsystem of feather related genders.31

Rain Cloud Group

also known as the Pluvnubo Group A subsystem of rain and rain cloud related genders.32

Sunshine Group

also known as the Sunbrilo Group A subsystem of sunshine related genders.33

Snowfall Group

also known as the Negado Group A subsystem of snow/snowfall related genders.34

Vermis Subsystem

A subsystem of worm related genders.35

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