Genderstajon Main System

Genderstajon Flag
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What is the Genderstajon Main System

The Genderstajon Main System is the main part of the Genderstajon System and is made up of all the genders within the system that don't fall into a specific subsystem or minisytem. It's one of the biggest parts of the Genderstajon System, next to the Colorius Subsystem. Unlike the sub and minisystems that all have some connecting theme or relation to something, these genders have a wide range of things that they're connected to and are only linked by being in the same and being related to parts of nature in some way.

This part of the Genderstajon System contains the widest variety of genders in the system, given that it lacks a connecting theme between the genders the way that the sub and minisystems do. The only rival for it is the Colorius Subsystem, as it's made up of multiple minisystems that are all related to specific colors and can relate to anything else alongside them.


The Genderstajon Main System first had terms in it coined on March, 20, 20201, alongside Genderstajon, the main term in both the whole system and this specific part of it, by Mason on Tumblr. This part of the system was coined in 11 posts from then up through March 28, 20202.

The Terms

To view all the terms in the Genderstajon Main System, see Genderstajon Main System Genders.

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