Genderfleur System

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The Genderfleur System is a system of Floragenderss related to different, broad types of flowers, such as flowers that grow in certain places or during certain times of year.


The Genderfleur System first had terms coined in it on November 15, 2020,1 by Mason on Tumblr, with that also being the first mention of the gender system. It was added to fairly consistently for a few days, with the last term in the system being coined on November 20, 2020.2


All of the flags within the Genderfleur System follow one of two very similar formats. These are four triangles pointing up or down with a flower similar to the one on the Achillean flag in the middle of the flag.

The Terms

To view all the terms in the Genderfleur System, see Genderfleur System Genders.

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