Gender Systems

What are Gender Systems?

Gender systems are a structure within a community or society that serves to define genders, gender roles, and how those interact and generally define people's behaviors within said society or community. Typical societal gender systems include a masculine and/or male and feminine and/or female role, with many also including either a both or neither role (some also include both). The most commonly talked about gender system would be the Western Binary, which is made up of man and woman, which are respectively connected to masculinity/malehood and femininity/femalehood.

MOGAI Gender Systems

Basic Definition

A general definition of gender systems within MOGAI is "to define gender identity, alignment, or presentation. These are usually non-binary genders or xenogenders. Systems usually have an aesthetic or theme that it follows."1

Expanded Definition

Within the MOGAI community, gender systems generally work somewhat differently than gender systems outside of MOGAI. Rather than defining the typical male and/or masculine female and/or feminine, and occasional both and/or neither, and gender roles, they're generally made up of genders related to similar things or connected by a central theme, without masculinity, femininity, etc. being main elements. If those are part of the systems in any way, there's generally something else involved as well, rather than the genders solely being related to typical gender roles and aspects.
There are some outliers to that, such as the Galactian Alignment System, Alloy Alignment System and a few others. These outliers are primarily made up of masculine, feminine, male, female, etc. with some having an added xenic element and xenic genders. Within MOGAI, gender systems can also be called gender families or gender groups.

Gender System Pages

Coric-Comfic Alliance System

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The Coric-Comfic Alliance System also known as the CCAS is a system of various types of genders created to coin a version of every term that uses coric or comfic that uses the opposite suffix. It's unknown how similar the definitions of the new terms will be to the old ones.

It's described by the coiner as "a system of genders/personal goal to have every coric and comfic suffixed term have a same-named equivalent of the other suffix!"1


The Coric-Comfic Alliance System was coined on March 14, 2022, by Tumblr user Coric-Creation/Comfic-Coining.2


To view all of the genders included in the system, see Coric-Comfic Alliance System Genders

Cosmoic Alignments


The Cosmoic Alignments are a system of Astronogenders related to different things in space.

It's described by the coiner as "a system of space-themed xenic alignments that I’m calling the Cosmoic Alignments. I wanted to keep them completely independent of male, female, masc, and fem as well as give them a sort of abstract feel. I’ll list the alignments below, and then provide their flags in a Read More.

I want to also note that these can be used by any human or nonhuman, whether they have no gender or many genders. They also don’t have to be xenogender in order to identify with these."1


The Cosmoic Alignments were coined on July 23, 2020,2 by now deleted Tumblr user The-Gender-Collector-Emself, with all of its genders that ey coined being coined in that post.3

The only genders not coined in that post were coined by Tumblr user Neopronouns on January 11, 20214 and Tumblr user Gender-Inc on February 25, 2021.5


All but two of the original flags were created by now deleted Tumblr user The-Gender-Collector-Emself on the date of the system's coining. The only two flags that weren't created then were the Comet-Aligned and Orbit-Aligned flags, which were created by those genders' coiners.67

Almost every flag for a gender within the system follows the same format of four horizontal stripes, often in a gradient, and a solid-colored circle in the middle of the flag. The only exception to this format would be the Comet-Aligned flag.


All of the flags made for the original set of genders were redesigned across two posts by Tumblr user Neopronouns.89 These redesigns follow a different format from the system's other flags, with the flags having five horizontal stripes, often lightening or darkening towards the middle or in a gradient, and a black circle in the middle with a symbol on it.

This was spurred on by an ask from Tumblr user Nerdpiggy, requesting a redesign of the Nebula-Aligned flag.10 Comet-Aligned was coined alongside these redesigns to have the two posts have an equal number of flags/terms in each post and give the system a round number of genders (at the time).11 Comet-Aligned being coined alongside these redesigns is the reason that its flag doesn't follow the same format as the other flags.

There was some 'controversy' around the redesigning of the flags, started by and ending with only one anon who was likely just The-Gender-Collector-Emself/Alex. For more information, see Cosmoic Alignments Redesign 'Controversy'

The Terms

To view all of the genders in the system, see Cosmoic Alignments Genders

Darling System

Darling System Flag Template
Image Unavailable
Flag Meaning: Unknown or nonexistent


The Darling System is a system of various types of genders, all of them Aesthetigenders, Datesime genders, and Estekgenders, that are related to being a darling, darling aesthetics, lovecore, dasimhood, and various other things.


Darling System was coined on February 11, 2022, by Tumblr user Gender-Mailman.1

The Flags

The Darling System is one of relatively few MOGAI gender systems to not only have a flag format but to have certain stripes of that format always be the same color. This format is three horizontal stripes at the top - purple, magenta, and green - getting lighter the further they go down, one stripe that can be any color, a thicker, light brown, middle stripe, and three bottom stripes that can be any other color or colors. The template for the flags was posted at the system's coining.

The Terms

To see all the terms in the Darling System, see Darling System Genders

Decadecoric System

Decadecoric Flag
Image Unavailable
Flag Meaning: Unknown or nonexistent


The Decadecoric System is a system of Aesthetigenders, Occurrigenders, and Vestitigenders related to different decades, and related aesthetics and styles of fashion.


The Decadecoric System was coined on December 7, 2021,1 by Tumblr user Coric-Creation. The first set of genders within the system were coined at the same time.

Misuse of Coric

While the Decadecoric System specifically hasn't been criticized, the terms' misuse of the -coric suffix is still prevalent and has been criticized in the past in a more general sense. The coiner of the system has also been individually criticized for doing so and has blocked anyone pointing out the misuse.


To view all of the genders included in the system, see Decadecoric System Genders

Dianetics System

Dianetian Flag
Image Unavailable
Flag Meaning: Light red relates to clearing/being a Clear
Middle red relates to auditing
Dark red relates to the E-meter
Black relates to engrams
Dark blue relates to Xenu
Middle blue relates to thetans and thetanship
Light blue relates to Cleared Theta Clears and godship/goddliness

This page has a content warning for mentions of Dianetics and Scientology For anyone sensitive to these things, the other pages are free of any similar content.


The Dianetics System is a system of various types of genders related to Dianetics and things associated with Dianetics in some way. This gender system branches off into a number of subsystems and minisystems. It is one of the most 'complex' gender systems within the MOGAI community.

It's described by the coiner as "The Dianetics System is a system of genders (mostly Religigenders) that are related to Dianetics, parts of the belief system, and other stuff related to Dianetics in some way; some of the things start to get a little distant from just Dianetics and are closer to just L. Ron Hubbard in general"1


The Dianetics System was coined on June 3, 2021, by Tumblr user Page-2-IDS, with all but one of its current subsystems and minisystems being coined within the same post.2

On September 18, 2021,3 Page-2-IDs made another post coining a minisystem under the Literature Subsystem, being related specifically to the book Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health.4

Since its creation, the system has had terms added to it fairly consistently, with no sign of stopping.


As of July 7, 2021, all but two of the flags5 for genders within the Dianetics System have followed the same format: seven vertical stripes with colors darkening towards the middle, often having the two sides mirror each other.

However, on July 7, 2021,6 Page-2-IDs made a post about possibly changing up the flag format, saying "I know I’ve been using the same flag format for all of my Dianetics System (+ subsystem and minisystem) genders, but I’ve honestly been thinking of (maybe) breaking away from it. I’m not making any promises, just because I could calm down and decide this was a stupid idea, but I wanted to post this incase [sic] I do go through with it.

It’s not that I’m running out of flag ideas or anything, there are practically infinite combinations you can do and still keep the 7 vertical stripe [sic], darker in the middle and lighter at the edges format, I just thought I might want to shake it up in the future."7

Parts of the System

The Dianetics System has a number of subsystems and minisystems, dividing some of the genders into more specific groups, like genders related to Auditing, or genders related to Scientology.8 There's also a main part to the system, with the primary connecting thread being genders related to Dianetics in its most basic form, rather than to certain parts of it or to religions that practice it. To view all of the genders in the system, see All Dianetics System Genders

Dianetics Main System

The main part of the Dianetics System, the Dianetics Main System is made up of genders that are connected to Dianetics, without having connections to things like Scientology or Auditing.

Clear Subsystem

A subsystem of Clear/Clearing related genders.

Auditing Minisystem

A minisystem of auditing related genders.

Literature Subsystem

A subsystem of genders related to books about Dianetics, Scientology, etc..

DMSMH Minisystem

A minisystem of genders related to the book Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health.

Scientology Subsystem

A subsystem of Scientology related genders. This subsystem has a number of minisystems that make up a lot of its content.

Free Zone Minisystem

A minisystem of Free Zone Scientology related genders.

OT Minisystem

A minisystem of OT/Operating Thetan level related genders.

Scienfollower Minisystem

A minisystem of genders related to followers of Scientology.

Sea Org Minisystem

A minisystem of Sea Org related genders.

DND Alignment Gender System

Table of Contents


The DND Alignment Gender System is a system of Gamegenders related to the different alignments within Dungeons & Dragons.


The DND Alignment Gender System was coined on May 16, 2021,1 by Tumblr user Sparklebunny. All the terms were posted on the same date.2

The Terms

To view all of the genders in the system, see DND Alignment Gender System Genders

Fragmentium System

Table of Contents


The Fragmentium System is a system of various types of genders related to star fragments from the game Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

It's described by the coiner as "A group of xenogenders related to star fragments from the video game Animal Crossing New Horizons. Either an aesthetigender, kingender or gamegender."1


The Fragmentium System was coined on March 21, 2021, by Tumblr user Z1msoda.2 The first set of genders within the system were coined at the same time.


To view all of the genders included in the system, see Fragmentium System Genders

Gendercite Gender Group

Gendercite Flag
Image Unavailable
Flag Meaning: Unknown or nonexistent
Table of Contents


The Gendercite Gender Group is a system of Locatiogenders related to different parts of a city.


The Gendercite Gender Group was coined on April 30, 2021,1 by Mason on Tumblr.


To view all of the genders included in the system, see Gendercite Gender Group Genders

Genderfleur System

Table of Contents


The Genderfleur System is a system of Floragenderss related to different, broad types of flowers, such as flowers that grow in certain places or during certain times of year.


The Genderfleur System first had terms coined in it on November 15, 2020,1 by Mason on Tumblr, with that also being the first mention of the gender system. It was added to fairly consistently for a few days, with the last term in the system being coined on November 20, 2020.2


All of the flags within the Genderfleur System follow one of two very similar formats. These are four triangles pointing up or down with a flower similar to the one on the Achillean flag in the middle of the flag.

The Terms

To view all the terms in the Genderfleur System, see Genderfleur System Genders.

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