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Name(s) and Definition(s)

Gastrongender is an umbrella term defined as "An umbrella term for any genders related to food or beverages (essentially a replacement term for Gastrogender)"1


Coining and Definition History

Gastrongender was coined on September 26, 2020, by Mod Em at Tumblr blog MOGAI-Monarchs2

Flag and Symbol History

As of June 7, 2022, Gastrongender doesn't have a flag.

As of June 7, 2022, Gastrongender doesn't have a symbol.

Incorrect Conflation With Gastrogender

On November 3, 2020,3 the term was incorrectly conflated with the MOGIApedia/MOGAI-Watch gender of a similar name, Gastrogender, by LGBTA Wiki user Ellipist.4

The term was originally incorrectly credited as an alternate name without a link to Gastrongender's coining post, as though it was intended to be an alternate name by the coiner of Gastrogender. While a link to Gastrongender's coining post was added in a February 24, 2021,5 edit to the page made by LGBTA Wiki user Vaporwavejuiice,6 it was still treated as an alternate name.

This misconception has spread past the LGBTA Wiki, with the website listing the same misinformation.7

A history section was added to the page on August 19, 2021,8 by LGBTA Wiki user Foreigntoolmaker.9 While the section did make note that Gastrogender was coined by MOGAI-Watch and even the coining of a troll term by the same name,10 as well as the coining of Foodic/Genderfood (another term they somewhat incorrectly treated as an alternate name for Gastrogender on the same page), they never acknowledged the coining of Gastrongender,11 clearing up the possible misconception that Gastrogender was coined by Mod Em but furthering the one that Gastrongender is an alternate name for Gastrogender and was intended to be one.

It's unknown where this misconception came from, nor if/when either page will be corrected; though, it does seem unlikely that the LGBTA Wiki page will be corrected, as the most recent edits don't do anything to correct it, and actually further the misinformation.


The etymology of Gastrongender was never posted.

Suggested Pronouns

Gastrongender doesn't have any suggested pronouns.

Related Genders


This gender doesn't have any subsets

Similar or Otherwise Related Genders

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