Dystrofare Flag
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Flag Meaning: The colors are inspired by my associations with this term

Name(s) and Definition(s)

Dystrofare is an umbrella term defined as "A non-xenogender umbrella term for genders centered around dystopia, rebellion, the falls of empires, rebel movements, loss, destruction, failure, heartbreak, inevitable cycles of rise and fall, etc.
Common themes, connections, and experiences in Dystrofare genders include:
- Burned out candles
- Abundance, want/wanting
- Mist, haze, fog, smoke
- Sunrises, sunsets, night
- Reluctant breakups
- Rebellion, anger
- Melancholy, saudade
- Bad relationships
- Darkness, dramatic lighting
- Fire, lighters, sparks, flares, flames
- Red, orange, yellow, peach
- Purple, indigo, violet, lilac, baby blue
- White, black, grey
- Power, dystopia, dictatorships
- Loss of power, falling empires
- Youth, aging, loss of innocence
- Sexuality, lust, desire
- Conflict, incompatibility, fighting, arguing, battle
- Running from the law, partners in crime dynamics, crime
- Heroism, villainy
- Drama, theatrics, tragedy
- Desolate streets, abandoned bars
however, Dystreds don’t have to be related to any of these things. Due to this term being inspired by my associations with the album 7800° Fahrenheit, Dystrofare genders do fall under the Bonjender, though they don’t have to actually be related to Bon or any of their music or fall under any other umbrellas, unless the coiner wishes. While this term has similarities to Saudania, Eroscoitus, and Ruptura, they aren’t inherently part of the same umbrella, though some may experience it like that."1


Coining History

Dystrofare was coined on April 28, 2023, by Tumblr user Page-2-IDs.2

Flag and Symbol History

The flag was made by Tumblr user Page-2-IDs on April 28, 2023.3

As of April 10, 2023, Dystrofare doesn't have a symbol.


"The name comes from dystopia, destruction, and warfare"4

Suggested Pronouns

Dystrofare doesn't have any suggested pronouns.

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Original Dystrofare Flag
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Flag Meaning: The colors are inspired by my associations with this term
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