Dollypasgorica Flag
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Flag Meaning: Unknown or nonexistent

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Name(s) and Definition(s)

Dollypasgorica is a Corpumgender, Instauragender, Locatiogender, Musicagender, Objegender, Qualigender, and Vestitigender defined as "a gender that feels like the following scene:
thereโ€™s a room. the walls are pastel pink with frilly lace and wallpaper. there is one window with cutesy, frilly curtains. the room is filled with cute dollhouses, rows of dolls all in pastel cutesy outfits. there are piles of stuffed animals in one corner, and there are cutesy pastel kiddie decorations on the walls and throughout the room. in the middle of the room, there is a pastel pink stool upon which a single doll sits. this doll is feminine- wearing a pastel pink, frilly, fancy dress, cute pink dress shoes, pastel makeup, with cute pink bows in her hair. but thereโ€™s a twist- sheโ€™s an evil doll. her eyes are filled with bloodlust. blood drips from her eyes and mouth, and guts spill from her. her eyes follow you creepily wherever you go, and sheโ€™s singing โ€˜ring around the rosieโ€™ in a very creepy way."1


Coining History

Dollypasgorica was coined on April 4, 2023, by Tumblr user Meadow-of-MOGAI-Melodies.2

Flag and Symbol History

The flag was made by Tumblr user Meadow-of-MOGAI-Melodies on April 4, 2023.3

As of November 24, 2023, Dollypasgorica doesn't have a symbol.


The etymology of Dollypasgorica was never posted

Suggested Pronouns

Dollypasgorica doesn't have any suggested pronouns.

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This gender doesn't have any subsets.

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Original Flag, Redesigns, and Symbol(s)


Original Dollypasgorica Flag
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Flag Meaning: Unknown or nonexistent
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