Dianetics System

Dianetian Flag
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Flag Meaning: Light red relates to clearing/being a Clear
Middle red relates to auditing
Dark red relates to the E-meter
Black relates to engrams
Dark blue relates to Xenu
Middle blue relates to thetans and thetanship
Light blue relates to Cleared Theta Clears and godship/goddliness

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The Dianetics System is a system of various types of genders related to Dianetics and things associated with Dianetics in some way. This gender system branches off into a number of subsystems and minisystems. It is one of the most 'complex' gender systems within the MOGAI community.

It's described by the coiner as "The Dianetics System is a system of genders (mostly Religigenders) that are related to Dianetics, parts of the belief system, and other stuff related to Dianetics in some way; some of the things start to get a little distant from just Dianetics and are closer to just L. Ron Hubbard in general"1


The Dianetics System was coined on June 3, 2021, by Tumblr user Page-2-IDS, with all but one of its current subsystems and minisystems being coined within the same post.2

On September 18, 2021,3 Page-2-IDs made another post coining a minisystem under the Literature Subsystem, being related specifically to the book Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health.4

Since its creation, the system has had terms added to it fairly consistently, with no sign of stopping.


As of July 7, 2021, all but two of the flags5 for genders within the Dianetics System have followed the same format: seven vertical stripes with colors darkening towards the middle, often having the two sides mirror each other.

However, on July 7, 2021,6 Page-2-IDs made a post about possibly changing up the flag format, saying "I know I’ve been using the same flag format for all of my Dianetics System (+ subsystem and minisystem) genders, but I’ve honestly been thinking of (maybe) breaking away from it. I’m not making any promises, just because I could calm down and decide this was a stupid idea, but I wanted to post this incase [sic] I do go through with it.

It’s not that I’m running out of flag ideas or anything, there are practically infinite combinations you can do and still keep the 7 vertical stripe [sic], darker in the middle and lighter at the edges format, I just thought I might want to shake it up in the future."7

Parts of the System

The Dianetics System has a number of subsystems and minisystems, dividing some of the genders into more specific groups, like genders related to Auditing, or genders related to Scientology.8 There's also a main part to the system, with the primary connecting thread being genders related to Dianetics in its most basic form, rather than to certain parts of it or to religions that practice it. To view all of the genders in the system, see All Dianetics System Genders

Dianetics Main System

The main part of the Dianetics System, the Dianetics Main System is made up of genders that are connected to Dianetics, without having connections to things like Scientology or Auditing.

Clear Subsystem

A subsystem of Clear/Clearing related genders.

Auditing Minisystem

A minisystem of auditing related genders.

Literature Subsystem

A subsystem of genders related to books about Dianetics, Scientology, etc..

DMSMH Minisystem

A minisystem of genders related to the book Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health.

Scientology Subsystem

A subsystem of Scientology related genders. This subsystem has a number of minisystems that make up a lot of its content.

Free Zone Minisystem

A minisystem of Free Zone Scientology related genders.

OT Minisystem

A minisystem of OT/Operating Thetan level related genders.

Scienfollower Minisystem

A minisystem of genders related to followers of Scientology.

Sea Org Minisystem

A minisystem of Sea Org related genders.

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