Decadecoric System

Decadecoric Flag
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The Decadecoric System is a system of Aesthetigenders, Occurrigenders, and Vestitigenders related to different decades, and related aesthetics and styles of fashion.


The Decadecoric System was coined on December 7, 2021,1 by Tumblr user Coric-Creation. The first set of genders within the system were coined at the same time.

Misuse of Coric

While the Decadecoric System specifically hasn't been criticized, the terms' misuse of the -coric suffix is still prevalent and has been criticized in the past in a more general sense. The coiner of the system has also been individually criticized for doing so and has blocked anyone pointing out the misuse.


To view all of the genders included in the system, see Decadecoric System Genders

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