Darling System

Darling System Flag Template
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The Darling System is a system of various types of genders, all of them Aesthetigenders, Datesime genders, and Estekgenders, that are related to being a darling, darling aesthetics, lovecore, dasimhood, and various other things.


Darling System was coined on February 11, 2022, by Tumblr user Gender-Mailman.1

The Flags

The Darling System is one of relatively few MOGAI gender systems to not only have a flag format but to have certain stripes of that format always be the same color. This format is three horizontal stripes at the top - purple, magenta, and green - getting lighter the further they go down, one stripe that can be any color, a thicker, light brown, middle stripe, and three bottom stripes that can be any other color or colors. The template for the flags was posted at the system's coining.

The Terms

To see all the terms in the Darling System, see Darling System Genders

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