Cosmoic Alignments


The Cosmoic Alignments are a system of Astronogenders related to different things in space.

It's described by the coiner as "a system of space-themed xenic alignments that I’m calling the Cosmoic Alignments. I wanted to keep them completely independent of male, female, masc, and fem as well as give them a sort of abstract feel. I’ll list the alignments below, and then provide their flags in a Read More.

I want to also note that these can be used by any human or nonhuman, whether they have no gender or many genders. They also don’t have to be xenogender in order to identify with these."1


The Cosmoic Alignments were coined on July 23, 2020,2 by now deleted Tumblr user The-Gender-Collector-Emself, with all of its genders that ey coined being coined in that post.3

The only genders not coined in that post were coined by Tumblr user Neopronouns on January 11, 20214 and Tumblr user Gender-Inc on February 25, 2021.5


All but two of the original flags were created by now deleted Tumblr user The-Gender-Collector-Emself on the date of the system's coining. The only two flags that weren't created then were the Comet-Aligned and Orbit-Aligned flags, which were created by those genders' coiners.67

Almost every flag for a gender within the system follows the same format of four horizontal stripes, often in a gradient, and a solid-colored circle in the middle of the flag. The only exception to this format would be the Comet-Aligned flag.


All of the flags made for the original set of genders were redesigned across two posts by Tumblr user Neopronouns.89 These redesigns follow a different format from the system's other flags, with the flags having five horizontal stripes, often lightening or darkening towards the middle or in a gradient, and a black circle in the middle with a symbol on it.

This was spurred on by an ask from Tumblr user Nerdpiggy, requesting a redesign of the Nebula-Aligned flag.10 Comet-Aligned was coined alongside these redesigns to have the two posts have an equal number of flags/terms in each post and give the system a round number of genders (at the time).11 Comet-Aligned being coined alongside these redesigns is the reason that its flag doesn't follow the same format as the other flags.

There was some 'controversy' around the redesigning of the flags, started by and ending with only one anon who was likely just The-Gender-Collector-Emself/Alex. For more information, see Cosmoic Alignments Redesign 'Controversy'

The Terms

To view all of the genders in the system, see Cosmoic Alignments Genders

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