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The Colorwheel System is a system of Colorgenders related to colors of different types (primary, secondary, etc.).

It's described by the coiner as "a gender system for xenine and non xenine genders, it consists of four genders that connect to primary colors, Secondary colors, tertiary and quaternary colors. Xenine identities may be considered coric, noungenders or aesthetigenders related to the color wheel."1


The Colorwheel System was coined on August 12, 2021,2 by LGBTA Wiki user XenoWeirdo. The genders within the system were coined at the same time.


While the contents of the Colorwheel System are fairly standard Colorgenders and thus, haven't been criticized, that doesn't mean that the system hasn't still caught some flack. This was because of the system description's misuse of the term -coric. This criticism was posed by now deleted LGBTA Wiki user Jason Todd is a Twunk in a comment on the system's page. This comment reads "I get the feeling that whoever made this page and did the tags has no idea what coric means. It's not a type of gender like xenogender, it's a suffix and one for genders related to core aesthetics. Not only does it not apply because none of these genders use the suffix, but because none of them are related to cores. I think I'm starting to understand where the misunderstanding about what coric actually is comes from."3

While the criticism has stayed contained to that comment, that doesn't take away from the blatant misuse of the suffix, to apply it to genders that neither use it or are related to -core aesthetics.


To view all of the genders included in the system, see Colorwheel System Genders

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