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What is the Colorius Subsystem

The Colorious Subsystem is a part of the Genderstajon System and is made up of 11 minisystems, with all of them being related to a specific color. It's one of the biggest parts of the Genderstajon System, next to the Genderstajon Main System. The only term in this subsystem that isn't part of a specific minisystem is Gendercolorius, which is also the base term in this system.

This part of the Genderstajon System contains the widest variety of genders in the system, given that it's made up of multiple minisystems where the only similarities the genders have is what color they're related to. The only rival for it is the Genderstajon Main System, as it's made up of genders that are related to anything in nature and don't have another overarching theme.


The Colorius Subsystem had its base term coined on September 29, 2020,1 by Mason on Tumblr. All of the minisystems under it were coined on the same day.

The Minisystems

Album Minisystem

also known as the Albatross Minisystem A minisystem of white related genders.2

Atrum Minisystem

A minisystem of dark and black related genders.3

Auranticum Minisystem

A minisystem of orange and brown related genders.4

Caeruleum Minisystem

A minisystem of blue related genders.5

Galbum Minisystem

A minisystem of chartreuse related genders.6

Gilvum Minisystem

A minisystem of yellow related genders.7

Lividum Minisystem

A minisystem of blue related genders.8

Puniceum Minisystem

A minisystem of red related genders.9

Purpureum Minisystem

A minisystem of purple related genders, as well as one pink/rose(color) related gender.10

Ravum Minisystem

also known as the Grey Minisystem A minisystem of grey related genders.11

Violaceum Minisystem

A minisystem of violet(color) related genders.12

The Terms

To view all the terms in the Colorius Subsystem outside of minisystems, see Gendercolorius.

To view all the terms in every part of the Colorius Subsystem, see Colorius Subsystem Genders.

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