Coffee Bean System

Coffee Bean System Flag
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The Coffee Bean System, also known as the CB System, is a system of Aerogenders, Fluiagenders, Fluxiagenders, and Gastrongenders related to coffee, the smell of coffee, etc.


The Coffee Bean System was coined in a positivity thread on the LGBTA Wiki on November 22, 2021,1 by Artemis via the Cryptocrew account.2

System Flag

The system's flag was created by Artemis on November 24, 2020.3


The majority of the flags within the Coffee Bean System follow one of two formats. The 'base'/non-Demigender terms have seven stripes that mirror each other starting at the middle and gradient from darker to lighter. The Demigender terms copy their non-Demigender counterparts, with the addition of the black triangle used on the Demisexual and Demiromantic flags.

The Terms

To view all the terms in the Coffee Bean System, see Coffee Bean System Genders.

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