Clear Subsystem

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What is the Clear Subsystem

The Clear Subsystem is one of the smaller subsystems within the Dianetics System.

This part of the Dianetics System has fewer terms than almost any part of the system, other than the Auditing Minisystem and Literature Subsystem, and is made up of genders related to the practice of Clearing, being a Clear, etc.

It's described as "A subsystem of the Dianetics System related to the process of clearing, different levels of Clears, etc."1


The Clear Subsystem was coined on June 3, 2021,2, alongside the rest of the Dianetics System parts.3

The subsystem first had terms in it coined on June 14, 2021,4 with Jemaklear being coined over a week after the subsystem's actual coining.5 As of July 8, 2021, the Clear Subsystem doesn't have a base term, unlike every part of the system, aside from the Literature Subsystem. This part of the system seems to still be having terms added to it, as other parts of the Dianetics System are also still growing and there haven't been any posts about it being completed.


The Clear Subsystem has one minisystem under it.

The Terms

To view all the terms in the Clear Subsystem, see Clear Subsystem Genders.

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