Celestial System

Celestial System Expansion Chart 2
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Celestial System Expansion Chart 1
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Original Celestial System Chart
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Celestial System Flag
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The Celestial System is a system of Xenogenders and one Fluiagender that are soft, celestial, nonbinary, and linked to certain energies.


Original System

The Celestial System and all of the original terms within it were coined in a number of posts in November of 2017, by now deleted Tumblr user Juparian. While Starfluid was seemingly coined in that series of posts, Tumblr user System-LGBT claimed in a post expanding the system that Starfluid was actually coined by a different individual and assigned it a different definition than was posted in the term's coining by Juparian.1

It's unknown whether or not System-LGBT's claim is correct, given that Juparian can't be asked about it and there are no records of the terms existing before the post made by Juparian. It is also unknown whether the claim originated from System-LGBT, what it was based on, or a number of other factors.


The Celestial System expansion and all of the terms within it were coined in a singular, now deleted post on or before October 14, 2018, by Tumblr user System-LGBT.2 This expansion included the addition of new terms and redesigns for a number of the flags within the original system.

It should be noted that these terms were not aproved or run by Juparian, as they had deleted their blog by that point.


Gender Flags

All of the flags for genders within the Celestial System, except for the Starfluid flag, follow the same format, that being five horizontal stripes, with the bottom three and top one being darker than the second highest stripe. The third stripe has a symbol/emblem with four stars, one big one and three smaller ones around it; this symbol is contained to that one stripe.

System Flag

The Celestial System flag follows the same format as most of the flags within the system. It was made by LGBTA Wiki user Softoro on May 5, 2021.3


A chart meant to show the relation of the terms within the original Celestial System was made by Tumblr user System-LGBT on February 22, 2018.4

Two new charts to show the relation of terms within the expanded Celestial System, one using more traditional gender systems the other using alternate symbols, was made by the same user on or before October 14, 2018.5

The Terms

To see all the terms within the Xenic Alignment system, see Celestial System Genders

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