Abandencoric Flag
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Flag Meaning: Unknown or nonexistent

Name(s) and Definition(s)

Auroracoric is an Aesthetigender and Mythogender defined as "an aesthetigender based around the auroracore aesthetic.
Auroracore (also called ethereal fantasy) is an aesthetic based around otherworldly magic and dream-like fantasy. It often uses media that was created for a young feminine audience."1

It was redefined as "a coric xenogender based around auroracore (also called ethereal fantasy). It relates to dream-like and otherworldly magic."2


Coining History

Auroracoric was coined on February 11, 2022, by Tumblr blog Lightlozabow.3

It was redefined on February 11, 2022, by LGBTA Wiki account Lightlozabow.4

Flag and Symbol History

The flag was made by Tumblr blog Lightlozabow on February 11, 2022.5

As of May 14, 2022, Auroracoric doesn't have a symbol.


The etymology of Auroracoric was never posted

Suggested Pronouns

Auroracoric doesn't have any suggested pronouns.

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This gender doesn't have any subsets

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Original Flag, Redesigns, and Symbol(s)


Original Auroracoric Flag
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Flag Meaning: Unknown or nonexistent
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