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The Atmospheric System is a system of Aerogenders, Aesthetigenders, Naturengenders, one Fluiagender and one Hoardeangender related to the sky and things in it, primarily consisting of genders coined by people other than the coiner of the system.

It's described by the coiner as "a gender system for both xenic and non-xenic genders connected to the sky / atmosphere of earth,"1


The Atmospheric System was coined on May 2, 2021,2 by LGBTA Wiki user TheIcarusSystem. The genders within the system were coined at various points in time, ranging from 2014 to 2021.

The system list has expanded and shrunk multiple times, with it expanding three times on May 2, 2021,345 and shrinking by one term on July 28, 2021.6


Due to the system mostly using terms coined by people other than the system's coiner, there has been some controversy involving people not being asked if their genders can be used in the system. This primarily stems from posts by Tumblr user Page-2-IDs and frustration from 'Mod Em' at the now inactive Tumblr blog MOGAI-Monarchs.

Use of Cloudcoric

On July 21, 2021,7 Tumblr user Page-2-IDs, also known as Synth, came across the Atmospheric System and told Mod Shady, also known as Shady, from the inactive blog MOGAI-Monarchs about it using Cloudcoric, a term initially coined by Mod Em from the same blog. Synth asked if Mod Em, also known as Em, had known about the inclusion of the gender, knowing how zey felt about zeir terms being redefined on the LGBTA Wiki somewhat often. This message read "I was looking at the LGBTA Wiki recently (ikik, bad idea, but I have the impulse control of a toddler) and I noticed that there was a gender system (Atmospheric System, in case you or [Mod Em] wants to know) that has cloudcoric listed as one of the terms.

Do you know if zey’re ok with it? (or could you maybe ask zem if ur not sure? I know how zey feel about redefining of zeir terms, so I doubt this would be (if zey don’t know).
I figured if zey don’t know, I should be the one to break it to y’all, since you like me and it’ll hopefully be less maddening than if either one of you has to come across it on your own."8

Shady responded with "Yeah, no. [Mod Em] didn’t know- def not ok with it. Not sure what we could do about it tho… like it feels like the mods don’t give a [] unless one of us makes a stink about something and I don’t wanna do that again.🙄🙄🙄"9

Synth responded, saying "I could make it an issue if you want. I’m already planning on making a post telling people if they do that to my stuff, I’ll [violent joke], so I could definitely squeeze in that [Mod Em’s] not ok with it.

I mean, I know I don’t have the same impact as y’all, but I’m closing in on 100 followers, so I’m a pretty big deal /hj"10

Shady responded, saying "Nice 😎😎 /lh- and I appreciate the offer, but they probly won’t believe you and [Em] and I couldn’t get mods to curb redefining with our highest count - not sure what you could do 😞"11

Synth responded with somewhat of a plan to make the call out work, saying, "Can’t really do anything about the follower count in the moment (give me a few months and we’ll see /j) but I could post the screenshots of our conversation.

If you could back me up on Monarchs (you don’t even have to say anything past “yep, that’s me” and maybe get Em to confirm) there’s no way they could discredit me"12

Shady responded questioning how well the plan could work and saying, "Uno- did you already take the screenshots just in case?

Dos- thank you, but still not sure if that’d do much- the wouldn’t even listen to a mega-blog (/hj) so I don’t think anything you say is gonna change anything"13

Synth responded, answering Shady's question and trying to boost xair confidence, saying "Eins- maybe… (yeah, I jumped the gun a little lol)

Zwei- I mean, the back up on Monarchs could help. I don’t know if it would actually fix things, but it gives us a shot ;;)"14

Shady responded, calling off any plans for the moment and saying "Your sweet. I say don’t do it - least right now - but keep the screenshots and get whatever new ones you need. I should still run the idea by [Mod em] and I might just get petty"15

There was another, private, message at the end of the conversation, where Synth allegedly confirms that green has the screenshots and is ready to use them.16

Synth and Shady's Conversation 1
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Synth and Shady's Conversation 2
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Synth and Shady's Conversation 3
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On July 21, 2021,17 Synth made a post in regards to the use of genders within gender system without the coiner's permission. This post read "Just a heads up, if you add any of my terms to a gender system/collection/whatever without my permission (let alone if you didn’t ask me at all) I will block you. Same goes for if you redefine my stuff on Wikis, assuming I know your Fandom account and Tumblr are the same person (and I don’t mean if you accidentally coin something with the same name as one of my terms, accidents happen and I get that. I mean people who list an inaccurate definition for a term and still credit the coiner and even link to the coining post) /srs"18

This post is likely the one mentioned in green's conversation with Shady, given that a post about the situation with the Atmospheric System, even without the inclusion of Ems' feelings, was mentioned.19

On or before July 28, 2021,20 Shady sent Synth a message, saying that Em had given Synth the go-ahead to make a post about the situation.21

Shady's Sixth Message
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On July 28, 2021,22 Synth made a second post, including and transcribing the messages between green and Shady, giving a little bit more context for greens earlier post (and a reblog of it) and discouraging people from including terms in gender systems without the coiner's permission. This post, after the transcript, said "For anyone out of the loop, this is kind of more context for this post and why I added specifically that I knew that they didn’t get permission from at least some of the coiners in my reblog.

I was originally just going to leave it at that, but Em (through Shady) gave me the go ahead, so here’s some more context. I also have a few quotes from Em in a mix between our Discord conversations and Shady quoting zem, but zey said zey’d rather I don’t post that, so I’m not going to. Also, zeir name is censored since zey don’t want that out, either (the switching between ‘Em’ and ‘Mod Em’ is because we used a few different nicknames from zem with different lengths)

I know that some of my sections were kind of incoherent, especially in the first message, but I was really tired + kinda stressed about this happening to my terms, and I think that + the rest of the conversation still gets the message across well enough. Also, my semi-violent joke (and the swearing) was hidden so more people could see it. I figured having to tag for it being in here would cut down on the audience for this.

Please stop doing this stuff. It’s really clear that it makes coiners uncomfortable. They (collective MOGAI-Monarchs they) said to just leave their terms alone if you wouldn’t leave them as is, and that’s been ignored at least twice (adding Syszombic with an altered definition, acting like the second definition for cloudcoric was Em’s- it doesn’t matter that you added the source when you didn’t make it clear that that definition was coined by someone else and not em- and then adding cloudcoric- which is, again, only credited to Em, and uses zeir definition in the page for the entire gender system- to a gender system without asking zem).

I know that it probably feels like Em or at least Shady should be doing this (I say this because they’re really close), but it’s stuff like this that’s made even being on Tumblr and by proxy being reminded of MOGAI-Monarchs and all the redefining and drama exhausting for them (and from what I’ve gathered, everyone else). They can barely be on Tumblr any more [sic] for their own sake, let alone actually put together a post about why they don’t like people doing this. Me running this post by them to make sure I didn’t cross any lines was taxing enough, according to them. Shady said that went double for posting (even if it’s just reblogging) about this again.

Please, just stop. It was bad enough when it was just annoying coiners, but it’s actively hurting people. It’s not that hard to not do things with people’s terms without permission and it takes excessively less effort than doing it."23

The tags on Shady's reblog of the post, as well as some reblogs, addressed other issues in regards to the LGBTA Wiki. However, those will not be included here, due to them not relating to this specific controversy or the Atmospheric System in general.

Removal of Cloudcoric

On July 28, 2021,24 Cloudcoric was removed from the Atmospheric System's page, likely in response to Synth's post. None of the other genders have been removed from the page and it's unknown whether or not the Atmospheric System's coiner or anyone else associated with the Wiki has reached out to get permission from the other coiners of the genders included in the system.

Deletion of the System

Some time since the Cloudcoric controversy, the Atmospheric System was removed from the LGBTA Wiki,25 due to the request of the coiner on Tumblr.26


To view all of the genders included in the system (including terms that were initially included but have since been removed), see Atmospheric System Genders

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