Aromagender Recoin Flag
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Flag Meaning: Unknown or nonexistent

Name(s) and Definition(s)

Aromagender is an umbrella term defined as "connection to a scent, feeling as if the scent emulsifies your gender and replaces it with itself"1

It was recoined as "an umbrella term for genders that are validated or closely related to scent, though one can also identify as aromagender itself. Most genders under this umbrella don't use the typical terms one would use to describe gender like masculinity, femininity, androgyny, etc. They instead describe gender through the smell of things."2


Coining and Definitoin History

Aromagender was coined on August 2, 2018, by an anonymous individual via Tumblr blog Beyond-MOGAI-Pride-Flags.3

It was recoined on March 19, 2021, by LGBTA Wiki user PopkornHUPIKO2.4

Flag and Symbol History

The flag/recoin flag was made by LGBTA Wiki user PopkornHUPIKO2 on March 19, 2021.5

As of May 14, 2022, Aromagender doesn't have a symbol.


Aromagender's etymology was never posted.

Suggested Pronouns

Aromagender doesn't have any suggested pronouns.

Related Genders


This gender doesn't have any subsets

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Original Flag, Redesings, and Symbol(s)

Recoin Flag

Recoin Aromagender Flag
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Flag Meaning: Unknown or nonexistent
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