Animegender Flag
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Flag Meaning: Unknown or nonexistent

Name(s) and Definition(s)

Animegender is a Kingender defined as "identifying as an anime character, but no specific one and i don’t want to be called kin (no disrespect to kin people!!) and i feel like it’s a gender"1

It was redefined as "a gender identity linked to animekinity; a kingender of anime character."2


Coining History

Animegender was coined on January 13, 2019, by an anonymous troll3 via Tumblr blog IMOGA-Pride.4

It was redefined on Janurary 13, 2019, by Tumblr user IMOGA-Pride.5

Flag and Symbol History

The flag was made by Tumblr user IMOGA-Pride on January 13, 2019.6

The redesign was made by Tumblr user Lolipocrisia on July 24, 2020.7

As of June 4, 2022, Animegender doesn't have a symbol.

Incorrect Conflation with Second Animegender

On November 28, 2020, the term was incorrectly conflation with a term of the same name, coined by a different individual, and was treated as though its flag was simply an alternate, redesign, or the original flag for this separate gender.8 This misinformation was posted by LGBTA Wiki user Norica Ni.

It's unknown where this misconception came from, nor if/when the page will be corrected.


The etymology of Animegender was never posted

Suggested Pronouns

Animegender doesn't have any suggested pronouns.

Related Genders


This gender doesn't have any subsets

Similar or Otherwise Related Genders


Original Flag, Redesigns, and Symbol(s)


Original Animegender Flag
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Flag Meaning: Unknown or nonexistent


Animegender Redesign
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Flag Meaning: Unknown or nonexistent
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