Alex J.

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Who is Alex J.?

Alex J., also known as The-Gender-Collector-Emself, TGCE, Stormy, and by a few other Tumblr blogs, who uses he/him and ey/em pronouns is one of the most controversial figures in the MOGAI community. (We will be referring to em as Alex through the rest of this post, unless talking about a specific blog.) Since ey started posting on Tumblr in 2019, Alex has created a number of terms and controversies in the MOGAI community.
Alex is a 31-year-old Bigender, Neutrois, Demiboy who uses he/him/his and ey/em/eir pronouns. Alongside eir blogs, Alex has a YouTube channel Stormy Talks, a MOGAI focussed channel. Ey also used to run a channel called AJB Gaming, but that channel seems to have been deleted at some point.


Online Presence

Over the past few years, Alex has had a pretty substantial internet presence, primarily via eir main Tumblr blog, The-Gender-Collector-Emself (TGCE for short), which, at one point in time, had over 1200 followers.1 Ey've also had a number of other Tumblr blogs, MOGAI focused or not, multiple Twitter accounts (some having been deleted), and two YouTube channels, one MOGAI focused and one gaming focused.


The-Gender-Collector-Emself was Alex's biggest and seemingly first MOGAI Tumblr blog. While it's hard to pin down the exact first post on TGCE, it's likely a pair of Agender/Gendervoid combo flags2 that were posted on August 28, 2019.3

TGCE is where Alex has coined most of eir terms and has had the most attention. Hundreds of flags and likely hundreds of terms were coined there, including some very influential ones, such as Gendervir. It was an incredibly successful blog, amassing over 1200 followers during its stint on Tumblr.4

Alex's version of TGCE was deleted sometime in January of 2021. While there isn't a way to find the exact date, it's likely that it happened sometime near January 12, 2021, as this is date of the first post made by the new/'reclaimed' version of TGCE.

The TGCE URL has since been taken over by one of Alex's detractors and is one of the largest Tumblr-based archives of examples of Alex's bad behaviour or people talking about it. The history of the new TGCE will not be included in this section, as it isn't connected to the original TGCE and is more controversy-centric, thus fitting in better in the 'Controversies and Drama' section of this article.

Old Blog Names

During Alex's roughly year-and-a-half-long time on Tumblr with the TGCE blog, ey've only changed eir blog name once. That former name is listed below.

  • The-Gender-Collector-Nemself

Other MOGAI Blogs

While the TGCE blog was only on Tumblr for a little over a year, Alex has spent more time on Tumblr via multiple other blogs. While we'll only be listing the MOGAI related ones here, there are likely posts listing all of eir other Tumblr blogs and blogs that are likely associated with em (as well as eir other social medias) for anyone who wants to know.


The-Gendervir-Project was meant to archive and coin subsets of Gendervir5, as Alex had coined a number of those on eir first blog and has said that eir gender is in some way male.


Cosmoic-Gender-Alignments was dedicated to creating alignments in the Cosmoic Alignments System.


Formerly Stormys-Flag-Portfolio, My-Flag-Portfolio was, in a lot of ways, a replacement for the original TGCE blog. This blog was dedicated to posting flag edits, combos, and new terms. It's unknown whether or not the change in URLs to remove one of Alex's names was an attempt to hide eir identity from anyone who might be aware of eir reputation and stumble across this blog.


While it's hard to say what exactly Flags-By-Stormy was for as it's since been deleted and there are no archive links to its posts, it was likely either an old URL for My-Flag-Portfolio that people confused for a different blog, or a separate blog that was in a similar vein to both My-Flag-Portfolio and The-Gender-Collector-Emself.


Your-Gender-In-Parts is a seemingly inactive Tumblr blog created to discuss the parts that make up ones gender identity, including pronouns, presentation, and possible transition.6

Stormy Talks

Stormy Talks is Alex's MOGAI/identity-centered YouTube channel, primarily dedicated to Alex discussing the facets of eir various types of identity, mostly through eir series "Identity Talk".

Controversies and Drama


There may be some events in this section that are out of order, as there is some confusion on the exact timeline of events, especially in regards to anonymous asks sent to other Tumblr blogs. However, the majority of these are going to be in primarily chronological order, to the best of our abilities.
There are a number of unsubstantiated claims throughout this section. That isn't to say that none of them are true, just that there isn't any publicly available proof outside of people's testimony.
This section includes instances of Alex getting involved in another blog's drama, rather than causing something emself. There are also a few situations where Alex was generally considered to be in the right. These are still included, as they are still drama or controversy in some regard.

Invading Traumagenic System Exclusive Discords


While this controversy came to light in late 2020, primarily as a result of the racism controversy, it is stated to have happened in late 2019, almost a year beforehand. This section is listed before that, due to when it actually happened, rather than when the majority of people found out about it. This does lead to some posts that happened later than specific controversies being listed before them, due to the base situation that they were inspired by happening earlier.

Alex's Message

On December 1, 2019,78 Alex sent a message in a traumagenic system exclusive Discord server that ey joined to create a blocklist of assumed anti-endos, chastizing the members for eir assumption that the members were anti-endogenic, likely due to the exclusivity of the server and a misunderstanding of why someone would want a traumagenic-only space. This message read "I'm just here to block ableists (anti-endogenics) and expand my blacklist for both servers and individuals. Kick me at any time but I mostly have what I need.

I encourage you to do research on endogenic systems and why/how they exist. You can't wish someone's plurality away and if you think plurality is a belief or choice, that makes you anti-endogenics absolutely ableist for thinking so.
Names have been taken down.

Neopronouns' Discord Anons

On or before October 4, 2020,10 two anons were sent to Tumblr user Neopronouns in regards to what Alex had sone in Discord servers. These anons read "Have you heard about Alex joining a bunch of traumagenic only servers back in November to collect names of anti endos while being under the assumption that all of the systems were anti endo for simply being traumagenic in traumagenic only spaces? Or is that old news? (Sorry for bringing up more drama here but I'm curious if people knew about this or not)11 […] More Alex anon here to note really quick that we’re extremely pro endo, we just like having spaces specifically for systems like us sometimes."12

Neopronouns' Discord Anon Response

This section has a content warning for a few uses of q###r For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On October 4, 2020,13 Neopronouns responded, saying "christ. i did not hear about that, no. that’s disgusting. i’m all for fully inclusive system spaces, but ANY system type has the right to their own spaces - traumagenic, endogenic, anything.

he obviously has a tendency to assume people’s views over small things. the thing he targeted me over - which he confronted a LOT of mogai bloggers over - was tagging ‘queer’ as ‘q word’, since tagging as ‘queer’ still displays the word ‘queer’ and is therefore ineffective. he called me, a self-identified queer person, queerphobic over this. he sent extremely similar anon asks to many blogs, accusing us of queerphobia for just trying to respect triggers.

at the time i was willing to somewhat let it go, assuming it was just a misunderstanding, but he just keeps doing shitty things like it."14

Greys-Dawn's Response

On or before October 8, 2020,15 Tumblr user Greys-Dawn responded to the allegations and Neopronouns' original post, saying "hi! we have proof of this actually, in case people want it:

Alex's Discord Message
Image Unavailable

[description: a screenshot from discord, showing a message by AlexJBrimmer YT (TGCE’s account). The message says:
“I’m just here to block ableists (anti-endogenics) and expand my blacklist for both servers and individuals. Kick me at any time but I mostly have what I need.
"I encourage you to do research on endogenic systems and why/how they exist. You can’t wish someone’s plurality away and if you think plurality is a belief or a choice, that makes you anti-endogenics absolutely ableists for thinking so. Names have been taken down. Thanks!”
end description]
this is dated for December 1st of last year, but honestly I don’t think ey’re any better. i don’t think ey realize just how bad this kind of thing is, but like. ey’re 30. ey really should
(plus, ey’re not even correct here… plurality is a choice for some people, and that’s not a bad thing. i know what ey’re trying to say but still)
we have more things to add but i’ll probably make a separate post since i don’t want to throw it all in a reblog"16

Not-Your-Neurotypical-Girl and Transmeds

This section has a content warning for swearing and uses of q###r For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On or before April 16, 2020,17 Alex sent an ask to Tumblr user Not-Your-Neurotypical-Girl, 'calling em out' for allegedly supporting/having eir blog safe for transmeds. This anon read "No need to pretend to be supportive of my queer blog (TGCE) when you're making a safe space for both transmeds and "tucutes". Go fuck yourself. Thanks!"18

Not-A-Neurotypical-Girl responded on April 16, 2020,19 saying "We never said we support transmeds. We don’t like them, honestly, they suck, but we don’t like to witchhunt people who have different opinions.

We hate discourse. I hate discourse especially. I just let anyone interact because I don’t want to dive into trans politics(? Or whatever? I here to have fun and interact with the community, not to fight.
We are not a transmed safe space. We are not endorsing their views.we just don’t like fights and won’t do anything about it.


(also, sorry if I upset you stormy, sorry!!!! I didn’t want to make you mad. I really like your content and enjoy what you do. I wanted to help spread arround the help thingy.

Please don’t be mad at me, I’m just a fan. Im sorry for upsetting you. It’s my fault. Sorry. If you wish for us to stop following you, we will do so. Sorry.)"20

While Not-Your-Neurotypical-Girl's response started off calm enough, the last six lines show how much Alex's ask got to em and how harmful it was.

It should also be noted that Not-Your-Neurotypical-Girl is a minor and asks that those over 30 don't interact with em. Alex seems to have directly violated that request with eir ask, given that there is a good chance that Alex was 30 when that ask was sent, as ey are 31 as of August 13, 2021. However, it is now known whether that part of Not-Your-Neurotypical-Girl's bio was written at the time of the ask, nor whether Alex was 29 or 30 when that ask was sent.

Cryptic Possibly Controversy Related Post

On April 21, 202021, Alex made a cryptic post that seems to be controversy related. While there doesn't seem to be any record of em being in controversy on eir blog at that time, this post still seems to be related to some controversy or drama and, thus, is included here. This post read "Could y'all be a little nicer if I get something wrong? Thanks."22

It's still unknown what provoked this post, if it was spurred on by eir exchange with Not-Your-Neurotypical-Girl, or if it's even related to an online controversy.

Forgotten-MOGAI and Invalidation

This section has a content warning for general insults or invalidation, a few uses of q###r, some swearing, and mentions of violence, suicide, and death For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

Forgotten-MOGAI's Controversial Post and Alex's Response

On June 4, 2020, a moderator at Tumblr blog Forgotten-MOGAI posted an ask that read "Is there a term for a extremely femine boy? I mean that in I only relate to males in the body and pronouns department but everything else is 110% female? Sorry if this sounds stupid- I'm trying to figure it all out and the term I'm using rn doesn't fit for me. Plus I know for a fact that I'm not MTF."23

While that on its own wasn't a problem for anyone and was standard for the blog, however, the moderators response is what sparked controversy, saying, "i’m so fucking tired of getting asks like this right now. do none of you bitches have any perspective? the world is falling apart around us and you want me to validate you in your identity as a fucking femboy. please go the fuck outside and throw a brick at a cop or something. handling this inane shit day after day while actually important things are going on around us is making my blood pressure skyrocket. my mental stability is rapidly eroding over neopronoun touting shitheads asking for more and more stupid pastel flag edits while people are dying on the streets. i’ve hit my breaking point."24 adding this in the tags "#shut up shut up #shut the fuck up #shut up your words are like sandpaper to my brain #shut up"25

This situation drew criticism from nearly all of the MOGAI community, including Alex. On June 24, 2020, ey responded to the post, by saying, "This is disgusting behavior for a blog that’s supposed to support marginalized identities. Identities with a particularly high suicide rate I might add.
If your well-intentioned ask has been scorned, harassed, or shut down by anybody on forgotten-mogai, please feel free to send it to me/us instead and I’ll help you figure out what you need."26

Alex's First Forgotten-MOGAI Anon

On June 26, 2020, an anon was sent to the TGCE blog in regards to Forgotten-MOGAI. This anon read, "i adore you for confronting f/org/ot/te/n-m/og/ai on that ask, it kinda of made me want to edge away from the mogai community for a bit…i love making flags and coining terms but their abusive behavior kind of scared me away from the community for a bit… youre the best of the best, stormy&co. 💖💖💖"27

Ey responded saying, "Thanks so much! Try not to let that blog discourage you from finding comfort in the MOGAI community. I’m sure you’ll find people you can relate to and a place to tell your story. There will always be exclusionists and trolls out there, but it doesn’t make you any less valid."28

While, on other blogs (aside from Forgotten-MOGAI), responding to the original post and possibly a few asks seemed to be the end of their involvement in the drama on their own blogs, Alex wouldn't fully back away from the situation after that post. Ey finally left the drama alone in mid-July, 2020.

For a few weeks, this seemed to be the end of everything, at least involving Alex, that would be proven untrue a couple of weeks into July 2020, when ey began receiving more anons in regards to the situation.

Alex's Second Forgotten-MOGAI Anon

On July 19, 2020, ey answered an anon sent to TGCE that read "Hey!! Uhh I'm from a ask from Forgotten-mogai, they treated me pretty badly so I might as well try another time somewhere else. So I'm fairly comfy with my male body, but not so much with my identity. I identify as nonbinary at the moment but it doesn't seem to fit for me. I'm fairly femine and feel like I fit in better with nonbinary girls?? Like I'm male but my femininity fluctuates a lot and I don't have any disphoria of my body so I'm super confused. I hope this isn't confusing or st/pid,,"29

Ey responded, saying "It’s not stupid at all! It sounds pretty valid to me. You could absolutely be a nonbinary girl. Demigirl, girlflux, something like that. Body dysphoria isn’t required for any kind of identity, so you could definitely find a fitting label for yourself.
Let me know how else I could help! I don’t know very many feminine or female labels personally.
Also, sorry to hear about forgotten-mogai. Nobody deserves that kind of backlash just for asking for validation or help with labels."30

Alex's Third Forgotten-MOGAI Anon

A day later, on July 20, 2020, Alex got another anon on TGCE, saying "i'm almost positive f/rgotten-mogai was never genuine to begin with, they're a blog i've had blocked for a while bc most of the posts i saw were just. troll and gross identities. tho not that i'm some arbiter of troll vs real blog judgment. but there's been quite a few trumeds and prob terfs as well making blogs to see what they could get away with. and their most recent request asks were def terf trolls. so fucked up that someone genuinely questioning could've found their way to a suspect blog"31

Ey, again, responded, saying "Yeah, it’s an awful thing to do to a community that isn’t harming anyone. Stuff like this will make people never want to question anything outside what is considered “normal” queerness (which makes no sense because it’s queer. Queer identities are supposed to be fluid and different and break gendered stereotypes and convention.)"32

NBgender and DNIs

Alex's First NBgender Anon

On August 25, 2020, Alex got anon on the TGCE blog, reading, "nbgender is against ‘self-identifies mogai’ (people who use the mogai acronym, basically) and those who use any acronym other than lgbt, just figured you’d want to know."33 This seemed to be in regards to NBgender, likely unintentionally, reblogging a post that had MOGAI in their DNI. It was likely sent after Alex reblogged a post from them. As of April 29, 2021, neither of the posts can be found.

Ey responded in confusion, saying "I’m confused because they share content from MOGAI blogs, even ones who have a DNI banner that includes anti-MOGAI people."34

Alex's Second NBgender Anon

Later that same day, another anon was sent, either by someone else or the original anon, saying "Yeah nbgender literally admits to ignoring DNIs and that theyre against mogai. I was confused too at first"35 While it does seem like NBgender has had instances of not checking DNIs in the past, there doesn't seem to be any proof of them being or admitting to being anti-MOGAI. Them being anti-MOGAI seems unlikely, based on the content of their blog36, carrd37, and DNI.38

Alex responded to that anon, saying "Ah, okay! That stinks."39

Alex's Third NBgender Anon

Again, later that day, another anon was sent to the TGCE blog, this time in defense of NBgender, seemingly in an attempt to correct misinformation. This anon read, "nbgender doesnt "admit to ignoring dnis" he says he doesn't have the spoons to check the blog of everyone he reblogs from for a dni and tries not to reblog posts with dni banners that have anti-mogai on them. this is incredibly easy to fact check by just looking at his carrd instead of spreading malicious rumors by posting factually incorrect anons."40

Alex responded, saying, "It’s not much of an excuse."41

Alex's Fourth NBgender Anon

A final anon was sent, again on the same day, in response to the prior anon. This message read, "If you dont have the spoons to check the dni then dont reblog from that blog. Its not a good excuse."42

Alex responded in agreement to the anon, staying in line with eir previous responses. Eir response read, "Truth.
And if I’m breaking someone’s DNI, I delete my reblogs and unfollow immediately."43

Ndntra and Racism

This section has a content warning for mentions of food, veganism, racism, and death For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.


This section is going to be the most out of order, as there are a number of posts that happened on the same date (primarily September 28, 2020) and there's no way to track down the exact post times for deleted posts. Sorry for the inconvenience.
This section also includes posts about the controversy that didn't involve Ndntra at all; the section was named this way in keeping with the other section titles and because Ndntra's responses to Alex's original post was what kicked off the contraversy.

Alex's Original 'Anti-Vegans DNI' Post

On an unknown date, likely September 28, 2020, Alex made a now deleted post about eir DNI in regards to anti-vegans. This post read "Anti-vegans can move along and leave this blog alone. (And no, not nonvegans. I mean anti-vegans.)
But I also mean passive aggressive ones that say shit like "Well I'll tolerate them as long as they don't shove their beliefs down my throat!"
About ethics. About the ethical treatment of both people and animals.
Get outta here with that garbage.
I'm also highly wary of people who reblog from blogs made specifically to criticize veganism.
I just don't want that here."44

Ndntra's First Response

On September 28, 2020, Native American Tumblr user Ndntra (then Bootlegndn) responded to Alex's post, saying "Do I need to unfollow if I hate vegans who spout anti indigenous racism and veganism that's inherently anti indigenous?"45 Adding in the tags "#im a bit wary of vegans bc how racist they can be towards natives bc we keep up with our cultural practices"46

Alex's Response to Ndntra

Later, again on September 28, Alex responded to Ndntra, saying "If that's predominantly where you think anti-indigenous sentiment comes from then sure! You may be misdirecting your criticism. Erase veganism and anti-indigenous racism does not magically go away. It's ethical elitism that's the problem. It's classist and ableist views on food. You can see this in the actual dietary movements like the weight loss craze and criticism of "unhealthy" food choices (Veganism is not a diet. It's rarely about the food. It's about slave labor making your shoes while you complain that someone isn't comfortable with what the meat industry does - not only to animals but to the environment. I'm also pretty sure it's not vegan doctors telling patients that their overall health and worth lies in weight loss, or vegan politicians driving indigenous people off their own lands.)
Anti-veganism is always gripped with "gotcha" arguments but nothing that is actually socially or politically productive. Your critical focus is 1. on a movement you choose not to contribute to in any way (and I'm sure MANY people will assume "contributing" means "don't eat meat!") and 2. on veganism that isn't actually veganism (which assumes a lack of understanding, rightfully so. If any human or animal is being abused, exploited, or harmed in any way, then it's not vegan. But let's call anti-indigenous racism a vegan thing so the attention is taken off the real source of this issue.)47

Ndntra's Second Response

Again on September 28, Ndantra responded to Alex, saying, "Did you just whitexplain indigenous racism to me…? When I'm indigenous?💀 Dude how do you think white supremacy is built? It isn't one big thing, it's a bunch of small stuff that builds up, like white vegans telling indigenous people to stop doing their cultural practices or telling natives that our ways are "barbaric" and "unneeded." All I wanted to know is if you agreed with white vegans hating natives and their culture. A simple yes or no would've sufficed. But I got my answer now."48

Ndntra also added an infographic about the depths of white supremacy and how it doesn't just have to do with the surface level things like being outwardly and obviously racist.49

White Supremacy Infographic
Image Unavailable

Sourmilksee's Response

In response to Alex's first reblog, Sourmilksee, who seems to be a friend of Ndntra, reblogged with "So, I respect that I really do, but she didn’t say all vegans, She said Vegans that are anti-indigenous. Because there are, vegans, who are anti-indigenous. She didn’t say all vegans are anti-indigenous nor did she say vegans are the cause of anti-indigenous sentiments. We obviously know that’s not the case."50

It should be noted that it seems like Ndntra used she/her pronouns. However, they don't use those anymore, instead now using they/them and he/him pronouns.

Kithehila-Lakhota's Response

Later that day, Tumblr user Kithehila-Lakhota reblogged Sourmilkee's post in agreement, adding "I think you certainly need to reevaluate how you view Indigenous people calling out oppression against us. A lot of your statements are extremely assuming and also completely inflate the point of her question.
Indigenous people especially have every right to be cautious of and choose not to interact with vegans, militant veganism is still a serious issue in the community and if your gut response is to put words in the mouths of Indigenous people when we bring up valid and worthy points in this discussion, you have no right to tell us how we should and should not feel about anything."51

Alex's DM

After Ndntra responded to Alex, ey sent them a DM on September 28, 2020.52 This message read, "Yyyeah. If you don't have reading comprehension, you can definitely stay off my blog. Thanks!"53

Ndntra's Conversation with Avery (Alex's Headmate)

On September 28, 2020,54 one of Alex's headmates, Avery Starsong, sent Ndntra a message in regards to their exchange with Alex. The first message read "ah. hey. is everything ok? this is one of the mods at tgce. it's ok if you dont want to talk because of the stuff that happened. i just want to make sure you're alright."55

Ndntra responded, saying "?? You are? the-gender-collector-emself doesn't have any mods listed in the bio? Except Alex I think"56

Avery replied to clear things up, saying "oh yea. it's mentioned in the pinned post with the links to the faq and dni and stuff. i post very rarely except pronoun validation stuff. i'm the only other mod"57

Ndntra responds again, saying "Oh ok! And yes I'm fine❤"58

Avery and Ndntra's Conversation pt. 1
Image Unavailable

The conversation continued, with Avery messaging an apology, saying, "ok, good! i'm sorry about how stuff went down. i never want anyone to feel excluded or insulted or anything. 🌸"59

Ndntra responded, saying "I mean Alex is a racist so I am insulted by him 💀"60

Avery responded with another apology that reads "oh. i'm sorry. is there anything we can do?"61

Ndntra responded with "Nope not really"62

Avery and Ndntra's Conversation pt. 2
Image Unavailable

This spurred Avery on to send Ndntra a long message trying to explain away and somewhat excuse Alex's behaviour, as well as try to get Ndntra to forgive Alex and possibly to feel bad for em; there also seemed to be an instance in the message where Avery makes it seem like forgiveness is the goal of this whole situation, rather than change from Alex, or em losing eir platform if ey won't change. While this message seems to be packaged as somewhat of an apology, it clearly isn't and is just an attempt to get Alex back in Ndntra's (and in some ways the MOGAI community's) good graces.

This message read "ok. i'm sorry. we're sorry. he really has the best intentions and he feels really bad. people cant be perfect but it's good to remember that there are people out there who are trying their hardest. Alex is no different. think of all the hard work he does to build a community that is inclusive and welcoming to everyone. it makes us so happy to see people using terms he's coined or thanking him for helping them find language that describes their experiences. the blog, the channel, everything. it means everything to him. but no one can learn anything if there isn't any communication. if you give up immediately on someone, theres no chance for growth or forgiveness. understand that there are sides to him you havent seen. he's just a person. just give him a chance.

have a good day and take care of yourself. i did the best i could."63

Avery's Apologist Message
Image Unavailable

Ndntra responded with both a gif or image or Lady Gaga and the explanation that they don't have to forgive Alex. This message read "1) He blocked me just after messaging me how I apparently can't read. 2) don't tell bipoc to forgive and forget racists for being *racist*."64

This is both the last message from Ndntra and the last message that the two have exchanged, at least that his publicly known.

Ndntra's Last Message to Avery
Image Unavailable

Ndntra's Blocking

On September 28, 202065- the same day as the rest of the controversy thus far- Sourmilksee posted that he and Ndntra got blocked by Alex, saying "When you get blocked by a racist–
@bootlegndn usually we’re the ones doing the blocking…how do you feel?"66

Later that day, Ndntra responded, saying "Lol… since I he was mutual of mine and we’re both MOGAI and stuff… kinda bad tbh. I wish they weren’t a racist.."67

Other General Related Posts

Over the rest of the day Ndntra would post and reblog posts about Alex and what happened; these posts included:

  • A reblogged post of someone calling Alex's response (likely eir DM to Ndtra and Alex blocking them) reprehensible68
  • Posting that Alex is 30 (likely to imply that fact makes eir behaviour far less excusable) and that they're half of Alex's age69


  • A reblog of someone's response to their post about Alex's age, where both Ndntra and the reblogger (Bonestealing) stated that they didn't know Alex's age until recently70

Alex's Public Apology

Later on September 28, 202071, Alex made a Tumblr post on TGCE, apologizing for his actions, as well as attaching a screenshot of his interaction with Ndntra, though ey cut out Ndntra's second reblog where they talked more about white supremacy.

This post read "Stormy here.
I will not reblog and reply to this because doing that will add my apology into the notes where it could detract from the conversation. The original post is also gone, which is why I screenshot it instead.
My response was extremely inappropriate and reactionary. I spoke over an indigenous person about a very real and valid concern about anti-indigenous racist views in the vegan community. This person has every right to be wary of vegans, even the so-called “good” ones who support indigenous hunting and don’t force their beliefs onto others.

I’m sorry for the response to this person. I’m sorry for speaking over an indigenous person about their concerns about anti-indigenous racism. I’m sorry about the inappropriate message I sent this person insulting their reading comprehension, which was unwarranted and ableist of me. I’m also sorry for any pain or discomfort I’ve caused toward the people who saw what I had posted.

Please do not send anybody in the notes of this post any hate or any attempt to support or justify my actions. Every person who replied to the post has had every right to be angry toward my racist remarks and there was no excuse for my behavior. Please, also, do not send Mod Starsong any hate. Ne wasn’t around when this happened and did not know what to do when ne was forced to take over the blog.

Thank you. For taking the time to read this. And thank you to everyone in the notes of the original post who were quick to call out my racism for others to see. That was the the right thing to do."72

Alex's "I really can't give up this blog." Post

On September 29, 202073, a day after the initial controversy, Alex made a post, saying that ey couldn't give up eir blog because ey felt it was important for the community to have adults in it and talking about things like Xenogenders. This post read "Folks, I really can’t give up this blog. There are barely any pro-MOGAI adults out there. There aren’t enough adults coining pronouns and gender terms. Adults that talk about xenogenders. Adults that are supportive of microlabels and neopronouns and playing with the very concept of gender. I want to be of use to this community because someone, somewhere needs that.

And I want to be better. I don’t just want to make content that people enjoy and relate to, but I also want people to feel safe supporting me as a creator. This was never just about me and I feel like somewhere along the way, I forgot to keep that in mind.

This is our blog. Not mine."74

This post wasn't well-received, even having Tumblr user Spooky-Systems, saying "Don’t worry blogs who don’t make racist comments can take over the wonderful work you’ve done"75

The majority of the notes on the post came after this reblog and were likely in response to that, rather than Alex's original post.

'Veganism Would Kill Me' Anon

This section has a content warning for mentions of death and weight (specifically weight gain and discussed positively) For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

Later on September 29, 202076, Alex received an ask from an anonymous Native American, saying "your dietary choices would literaly kill me. Im native. Come at me with ur stupid and racist assumptions id break ur twig ass in two."77

Alex responded to that anon, saying "I would never want someone to eat vegan though. That’s the thing. I don’t expect people to do so. My partner isn’t vegan. I cook nonvegan food for him all the time. Same with my ex-wife. In fact, I’ve never been close to anyone who is vegan and that doesn’t bother me.

I made the personal choice to be vegan because it helped me gain weight and have a better relationship with food, which is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. And it was an ethical choice on my part (When I say that, I mean it. No agave or quinoa or anything like that.) It’s a personal choice."78

Confirmation of and Reason for Avery's Messages

On October 3, 2020,79 Alex answered an anonymous ask to the TGCE blog, that read "Did one of your headmates message @bootlegndn?"80

Ey answered with both confirmation that Avery messaged Ndtra and giving Avery's reasoning, saying "Yes. Ne tried to check in with her to make sure she was okay."81

'Not Just About the Food'

On October 8, 2020,82 Alex made a post talking about veganism not just being about food and saying that it was just eir personal choice. This post read "People are still out here thinking veganism is only about the food.

That’s enough with the asks. Anti-veganism is still part of the DNI. Not indifference to veganism or being nonvegan. That obviously doesn’t matter to me, seeing as I have a nonvegan boyfriend who I cook for and I work a job that serves nonvegan food. But I’m getting extremely ignorant and misguided asks that I just don’t have the energy to answer anymore.

This is my personal choice. Enough is enough."83

Alex's Various Anons

Over the following weeks, starting around the time of eir original exchange with Ndntra, Alex received and answered a number of anons, primarily regarding the veganism situation. Some of these anons include

  • An anon telling em that ey should've researched why what ey did was racist, rather than leaning on Native people (specifically Native children) to tell him84
  • An anon criticising Alex for saying that ey couldn't/wouldn't delete TGCE because it was important and Alex calling emself a community leader, as well as calling out his privilege85

Oxigenders' Racism Anon

On November 19, 2020,86 'Mod Zero' at Oxigenders answered an anon that read, "He also went all racist vegan on an indiginous person and culture"87.

They responded, saying "oh yeah i know, i follow bootlegndn"88 adding in the tags that they were answering this for any of the blog's followers that didn't know.89

Alex's Direct Apology

On February 10, 2021,90 Alex apologized to Ndntra via Tumblr's post submission feature. This apology, titled 'TGCE/Alex: An Apology', read "I wanted to extend an actual apology to you for my behavior and my arrogance in the way that I responded to you and belittled you. It was immensely inappropriate of me to act that way and I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for the racism and the holier-than-thou attitude I exhibited toward you. That’s not the kind of person I want to be and that’s not any way a member of this community should act, especially being my age. At that points it’s just creepy, especially when added on to the aggressive way that I acted toward minors. That’s not okay. It’s not okay that I made the minors in the community think that my behavior is okay.

You don’t have to reply to this or accept the apology or anything, but you at least deserve the apology. I’m hoping to find other people who were affected by my behavior so that I can apologize to them as well. TGCE is deleted and I’ve been limiting my interactions with people until I can learn to stop being so horrible to people. I’d also like to get into therapy and work toward being a better person. I can and will change. Being like this isn’t good for me or for others and I know that I can be better.

Thank you if you read this far. My inbox is always open. Not sure on my DMs, but I post my social media all over the place, so you have the option to respond or yell at me or ignore me or do whatever it is that you need to."91

This apology wasn't well-received in any regard, with Ndntra writing "My response: I SAID TO LEAVE ME ALONE, NOT BLOCK EVADE ME AGAIN. I know damn well that you don’t actually care anymore since you still use your damn side blogs to continue to harass me when I’ve told you multiple times to stop. Do me a favor and the next time you feel like interacting with me, don’t✨"92 He also tagged three other Tumblr users/blogs who are also invested in other situations regarding Alex in one way or another.

Flag Redesigner Anons


After Alex's poor handling of the racism controversy and em subsequently falling out of the community's good graces and making people uncomfortable with em, a number of people decided to redesign a number of Alex's flags to make people who identify with said terms more comfortable using their flags. While this in and of itself shouldn't have been controversial, some, if not all, of the blogs who redesigned eir flags got anonymous messages chastising them for doing so.

While it can't be proven to be Alex, the writing style and word choices of the anons match up with Alex's own writing quite a bit and the possibility shouldn't be written off because of that and the lack of proof against it. However, due to the lack of conclusive evidence, this section is not claiming whether or not Alex wrote those anons, just that there's a chance ey did and because many people do live they were eir doing.

Rando-Pride-Flags and Flags

**This section has a content warning for swearing ** For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On October 6, 2020,93 now of the moderators at Tumblr blog Rando-Pride-Flags made a post, asking whether or not the group should redesign flags made by Alex, given the current situation. This post read "Considering everything that’s gone down with TGCE, what would you guys think about us making alternate flags for a bunch of eir terms? I mean, it’s hard to replace the terms, since they are useful, but I understand not feeling comfortable using eir flags.

Thoughts? We might do some of them regardless, just because we have flags that we had redesign ideas anyway, but we’ll do more either at request or just sweep through and knock them out."94

The post didn't gain much attention or interaction, but the mods did redesign some of Alex's flags regardless. For the first few days, everything was fine and the flags were generally positively received.

On October 10, 2021,95 the blog received an anon reading "your redesigns arent even that good. leave tgce's shit alone."96

One of the moderators responded on the same day, saying "You bored, bud?"97

Neopronouns and the Cosmoic Alignments

This section has a content warning for swearing and somewhat heavy use of all-caps text For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On January 11, 2021,98 someone, likely The-Gender-Collector-Emself/Alex given the anon's writing style, sent Neopronouns an angry anon in regards to his Cosmoic Alignments flag redesigns. This anon read "I identify with a few of the cosmoic alignments but I think it's low of you to try to redesign the flags just because you couldn't accept that someone made a huge mistake and wants to change. I'm going to have to unfollow until you've learned to be more compassionate."99

Neopronouns responded to this anon on the same day, saying "dude. someone asked me to redesign one of the flags and i wanted to do the rest to have a full set. i’ve said MULTIPLE times that i’m happy tgce wants to change, i just don’t want to interact with him because he’s made me extremely uncomfortable. also, people redesign flags all the fucking time. it’s just fun.

don’t follow me again. never fucking look at my blog again. i hate you and everyone else who keeps insisting i have to forgive tgce. fuck you. fuck off.

edit: he also made MORE THAN ONE FUCKING MISTAKE. maybe try LISTENING to those of us who have been harmed by him."100

Oxigenders and Xs

This section has a content warning for a few uses of q###r For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

Oxigender's Xorm Anon and Xeus the Xerm

On October 5, 2020,101 Tumblr blog Oxigenders got an anon reading, "xorm xn thx strxng,"102 with one of the moderators responding with the same thing.103 This ask was sent to the blog in regards to a worm-on-the-string OC that they reblogged, named Xeus the Xerm,104 who uses Xe/Xem pronouns.105

Alex's Comment

Sometime in November 2020, Alex made a now deleted comment on the post with eir Stormy-Space-Dragon blog, saying, "Ah. Right. The meme where people think "folx" was invented to be more inclusive and so queerphobes put x's in every word to laugh at it without actually knowing what "folx" is and why it exists."106

Alex's Defender

This section has a content warning for swearing For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On November 19, 2020,107 'Mod Zero' responded to an ask from now deleted Tumblr user Reallyshylady that was defending Alex and eir actions. This ask read "You truly did do something that can be construed as queerphobic, though. The joke about putting x's in words to make them "more inclusive" isn't okay to do and it gets tiring."108

'Mod Zero' answered, saying "first of all, that wasn’t what we were doing. the fact that we arent queerphobic can very easily be found if you take a single look at this blog… yknow… a mogai blog…. run by a bunch of queer children.

the context for that ask was directly underneath it. if he could scroll to fucking october to find an untagged ask that could be interpreted as queerphobic if you squint, he could scroll two inches below that to see that it was about a worm on the string oc who is called a xerm bc they use xe/xem :)

[+]* if your first instinct when you go on a mogai blog and see something similar to an anti queer thing is to immediately call the mods (the oldest of whom is half your fucking age) queerphobes instead of, idk, ASKING if we were mocking the term folx, that very much sounds like a fuckin you problem."109

They added in the tags, "#not our fault that he could scroll a whole fucking month down our blog but convienetly stop before context sweaty :)"110

Later that day a mod, likely 'Mod Zero', reblogged the post, adding images of the reblog of Xeus and the Xorm anon being one right after the other and one of Xeus, adding "literally this is so obvious it’s not even funny."111 They also added a message in the tags of this post, this time reading "#yeah we hate inclusivity here at oxigenders :) couldn't possibly have been a joke abt an oc :)) couldn't possibly be that :))))) #we were totally just posting that bc we hate queer people #there's no other possible explanation #this definetly justifies a 30 year old fucking adult calling a bunch of freshmen queerphobes on a months old untagged ask we forgot about #definetly :) it's not like there could be any way that you could see that we didn't interpret this anon to be about the yxll / folx thing #it's not like a responsible fucking adult should ask if that's what we were referring to before calling us fucking queerphobes"112

* we had to put the plus in brackets because, otherwise, it made that entire section a heading that showed up in the table of contents

Alex's Pattern of Behaviour

This section has a content warning for mentions of harassment (specifically of minors) For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On November 20, 2020,113 'Mod Zero' answered an anon sent to the blog, reading "followed because minors harassed by the gender collector emself gang, hello"114

'Mod Zero' responded, saying "eyy gang"115, adding this in the tags "#he did send us an apology but considering we also got an ask from a blank blog… who has never done anything other than defend tgce… #yeah i'm doubtful of it being genuine"116

Refusing to Respect an Anons Wishes

'Please Delete a Post' Anon

On or before October 17, 2020,117 someone who'd previously submitted a post to the TGCE blog sent an anon to the blog, asking for Alex to delete the post. This anon read "If I wanted you to delete a post, would you be willing? Your racism and hatred for those who you view as "invalid" systems makes me not want my coined pronouns associated with you, and I don't want people to look them up and find the flag you made and assume I'm anti-Native or anti-system."118

Alex's Response

On October 17, 2020,119 Alex responded, refusing the anon's request, trying to invalidate their reasons for not wanting the post up, and blaming the entire racism controversy on cancel/purity culture. This post read "I’m not anti-system at all; I’m pro-endogenic because I’m not an ableist. I’m not sure who you are but if you’re against endogenic systems, I suggest learning about them and why they exist. I’m a system myself - a traumagenic one - and I know endos take nothing from me by simply existing as something they did not choose. No system is invalid for being a system.

I’m willing to take accountability for the racist post, which was due to an irresponsibly reactionary response to someone I didn’t know was Native. But being an idiot who said something terrible that I deeply regret and want to change? That means something. I’m not into this culture of considering some nobody on the internet as permanently irredeemable when they regret doing something that other people have decided should ruin their life for good. I want to change and I know my worth. That’s better than being associated with someone who refuses to change their behavior.

I cannot contact the people who were harmed by my post. It’s creepy for me to seek them out and continuously harass them about how sorry I am when they’ve made it very clear that the damage is done. This is the part where I start to make legitimate change. Whether or not they see that is not where my focus should be.

That’s my wordy way of saying that what’s done is done and deleting a post about a flag for pronouns that should be available to everyone is not going to fix anything."120

Neopronouns' Anon

On or before October 18, 2020,121 Neopronouns was sent an anon in regards to Alex' behaviour with the anon asking for em to delete their submitted post. This anon read "And in the ongoing saga of TGCE being a jerk, ey are refusing to take down a pronoun flag they made when someone said they're not comfortable having their pronouns they coined associated with that blog. And instead of just saying 'no, it's my blog and I make the rules' or something similar, their answer is all about how the world hates them. I was going to cancel a request I had made of them, but now I'm afraid to in case they think I'm that anon or go off on a rant at me."122

Neopronouns' Response

This section has a content warning for swearing, some heavy usage of caps, and mentions of harassment and ableism For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On or before October 18, 2020,123 Neopronouns responded to that anon, saying "okay wow, i just looked at his blog and i’m just… floored. this got kind of long so it’s under a cut now. warning, i get kind of angry.

'Please Delete a Post' Anon and Post
Image Unavailable

anon did somewhat misunderstand the accusations against tgce involving systems, but his response to that isn’t rude or anything, so at least there’s that. but the rest of this… “that’s better than being associated with someone who refuses to change their behavior”, “what’s done is done and deleting a post… that should be available to anyone is not going to fix anything”, he says in the same post as “this is the part where i start to make a legitimate change”.

haven’t like, dozens of people said that one of the main things he needs to change is the fact that he constantly makes people uncomfortable? if he actually wants to change, he should have just… deleted the post. a post about pronouns being deleted from his blog (and likely posted somewhere else, if the anon does want them to be publicly available again) is not a big deal, and he could have just done it.
if he wants to take accountability for his actions, he also needs to recognize that people are allowed to still be uncomfortable with him. he needs to acknowledge that, even though it was a mistake, it’s still affecting people and that no matter how much he apologizes, a person can still not fully forgive him. apologies are not meant to absolve someone of their actions, they’re just to show that the person is sorry and that they recognize what they did wrong. nobody has to accept an apology.
and then:

'Stop Checking in With Me' Post
Image Unavailable

i don’t condone hatefollowing or ableism, of course.
he is not a “nobody”, he has an online presence on both tumblr and youtube and his posts have had a decent reach in the mogai community. i don’t know how many followers he has, but he is still getting notes. yes, it’s his corner of the internet, but it’s a corner that others can visit and his actions do not exist in a vacuum.

since this was posted just a bit after the ask about deleting a post, i can only assume that by “demands to perform” he means “people asking me to apologize/stop making people uncomfortable/stop interacting with them/etc”. oh noooo, it’s so hard to pErFoRm for the people who don’t want their content associated with him. like. i hate to be rude but this is just gross.

“let me behavior from this point on be proof enough of change”… ‘enough’? yeah, no, if his behavior after this point matches his current behavior, it won’t be near enough. because there’s no change happening. he still sees himself as a victim.

'Closing Requests' Post
Image Unavailable

again, i don’t condone harassment. i’m not going to deny that there are probably some people legitimately harassing him, but people asking him to change his actions are not harassers, and i don’t doubt he’s lumping them into that group.

the fact that he’s not doing well right now does not mean he shouldn’t change. he can both deserve pity for certain things and need to be pushed in other areas. i’m not going to be 100% compassionate for someone who is STILL acting like he’s a victim in a situation he created all on his own.

“get off on purity culture” okay wow. nice to see how he really feels. it’s disgusting that a fucking ADULT who has HARASSED TEENAGERS for MONTHS thinks he’s a victim of ‘purity culture’. we are not “getting off” on this situation. we are watching a goddamn adult try to get away with racism, ableism, harassment, and generally reprehensible actions by playing victim and saying that he’s changed enough despite the fact that he’s still hurting people. we’re hurt, stressed, and disgusted. this is not a fucking happy situation for those of us who are against you, alex.

if you’re working to fix your problems, then SHUT THE FUCK UP AND DO IT. i’m so fucking tired. seriously. he just needs to take a break from tumblr and work on himself. being on this site still is not helping him.

also, i’d call harassing dozens of people over a period of months over numerous subjects more than a “stupid mistake”.
if he wants “nothing more” than to fix what he’s done wrong, he needs to fucking show it."124

MOGAI-Monarchs and "Being a Bad Person"

"Being a Bad Person"

On April 26, 2021,125 Alex posted a video on Stormy Talks titled "Being a Bad Person | Identity Talk (CW: SWEARING, ALCOHOL)". This video was meant to address Alex's past bad behaviour, somewhat why ey did it, and how to get better. However, though the intentions seemed to be good, the video was vague, didn't mention any of what Alex did in specific, and never showed em apologizing to specific people for what ey've done.

Due to the lack of details about what Alex actually did, outside of vague mentions of obsessive behaviour on eir part, it was easy for eir subscribers to support the video and post supportive comments. These comments are included below.

  • "Bad people are also people who dont look in the mirror ever. A bad person becomes good or at least better the moment they see that they are actually idiots."126
  • "Thank you for being able to be vulnerable enough to make this video! This must have taken a lot self-honesty and maturity and it is a great step in the direction of moving this channel in a deeper, more multi-faceted exploration of identity."127
  • "as someone who doesn't know you in person, id says that in DnD terms you'd be chaotic good, you are a flawed person but you shouldn't forget that you are a wounded also person forced live in a world you that refuses conform to YOU while it acting like it is the other way around. Philosophically I'd say that the very idea of a ''bad person;; doesn't even make much sense, we are very situational creatures after all. but if I could give you one takeaway it has to be that struggle itself is the most moral thing a person could do."128

The third comment, in particular, shows how Alex poorly presented the situation, primarily by being vague and giving no detail about what situations caused em to exhibit the behaviours ey talked about. Alex never rebuts any of the misconceptions about what happened and, instead, shows appreciation for the comment and doesn't say anything about em having started the problems in a number of the at all Tumblr-related situations or what the problems were in the first place.129130

There was also a comment posted, questioning why there were so many dislikes without any explanation.131 Alex chose to blame that on how YouTube worked, rather than the possibility that people didn't accept eir apology, nor seeming to understand any of those reasons.132 It's hard to tell whether this was an attempt by Alex at further keeping eir audience in the dark about what ey've done, or em genuinely not understanding why people might've disliked the apology and that that isn't something that should have to be explained, especially given how glaring its issues are.

Mod Che's Original Post

A day later, on April 27, 2021,133 Mod Che at Tumblr blog MOGAI-Monarchs made a post about the video with an image of the thumbnail and title, saying "Look what I just got recommended. I’m not sure why YouTube suddenly decided to recommend eir videos to me (or why it was this one), but here we are.

I don’t wanna kick the drama (bad word, I know, just can’t think of a better one), but I’m kinda curious if anyone else just got this recommended to them out of the blue or your thoughts if you’ve seen it (I haven’t watched it and I’m not sure that i want to).

If you just wanna ignore this and go back to pretending that ey don’t exist live I’ve been doing over the past few months, that totally fair."134

The tags expanded on his thoughts about watching the video, reading " #im feeling something and im not sure what it is #im honestly afraid to watch it because i feel like it's gonna be awful #and then im gonna get mad again #and i don't have the energy for that mess"135

Geckorph's Comments

On an unknown date or dates, Geckorph made several comments on the post. Those comments, in order, are listed below.

  • " i dare watch this and see what it is"136
  • " i’m taking a look at this just to see what is Up since getting this suggested to me about gave me a heart attack"137
  • "a lot of this seems. ok, i guess. passable. he seems open to being critical of himself and is being honest with the viewer but then this current part i’m on goes on about how “the difference between a good perso and a bad person is not wanting change” … i hope that’s true now. bc you said that, and then you, a grown ass man, made a sockpuppet account where you badly pretended to not be yourself"138
  • "i consider myself a community leader in some spaces, and it’s my obligation to be a good leader. i can’t be the angry vindictive person in a space like that” yeah lol"139
  • "he does talk about “letting people see how far i’ve come” but then also hasn’t outright said any of the things that he’s done, which feels avoidant and less transparent"140

MOGAI-Monarch's Anon

On an unknown date, likely sometime closer to the original post than its answering, MOGAI-Monarchs' recived an anon in regards to the video and Mod Ches' post. This anon read "I watched the video and honestly? Good on em for wanting change. You're just awful."141

Mod Che answered that anon on May 20, 2021,142 saying "I literally just wanted people’s thoughts on the video. How does that make me awful? Asking for people opinions on things is generally a good thing if you’re not afraid of differing opinions.

Also, if you’re assuming that I don’t accept it, that doesn’t make me awful either. Just because someone seems like they want to change doesn’t mean that the people they hurt have to accept their apology, especially if that “apology” was a vague YouTube video that just said “yeah I’ve done bad things”, never addressed any of what they did directly, and didn’t apologize directly do the people they hurt.

If anyone here’s awful, it’s the person going into other people’s askboxes to call people things for seeming like they disagreed with them. Please get a hobby or at least out of Alex’s pocket. ~Mod Che"143

He added more in the tags, saying "#get something better to do with your time #than call people awful because you assumed they disagreed with you #i thought you wanted to get better alex"144

Geckorph and Everything


Geckorph (formerly known as Oakrph), who's also known for running other MOGAI or MOGAI-adjacent blogs like Ezgender and Notcishetarchive, has been the person the most targeted by Alex, eir supporters, and/or individuals pretending to be one of the two. This harassment spreads across several different instances for different reasons.

Pretending to Buy from Geckorph

This section has a content warning for swearing and mentions of harassment For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

Lying Anon

On or before January 10, 2021,145 Jacksonburke, an individual who ran multiple accounts suspected to be suockpuppets of Alex's, sent an anon to Geckorph somewhat attacking him and defending Alex. This anon read "if you're just going to be ungrateful if we donate to you as your supporters, then just return the fuckin money and delete your kofi. i wish i could return the shit i bought from your store. i thought you at least appreciated us but your behavior says otherwise. there's taking accountability and then there's public shaming and harassment toward ppl who want to change."146

Geckorph's Post

On January 10, 2021,147 Geckorph made a post in regard to that anon, saying "one last comment on this incredibly upsetting situation

Lying Anon
Image Unavailable

bought from my store…

Store Analytics
Image Unavailable

what fucking store."148


Alex's Donation and Message

On an unknown date, likely January 18, 2021,149 Alex donated to Geckorph's Kofi with an attached message, in an attempt to contact him. This message read "You deserve support for what you do and help with getting that new phone. I am tremendously sorry for everything. You're one of the many people on my list for apologies and you're the second (the first was bootlegndn.)"150

Alex's Donation Message
Image Unavailable
Geckorph's Kofi Response

This section has a content warning for swearing For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

Geckorph replied to that message within Kofi, though that message was cut off. What can be read in the original image says "You are fucking 30 years old. When someone blocks you online… Don't find other methods to contact them! This isn't hard!"151

Geckorph's Original Post

This section has a content warning for swearing For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On January 18, 2021,152 Geckorph made a post about the donation and message. This post reads "tgce/alex . fucking bought me a ko-fi to talk to me?

ok. thanks. that’s great. I presume this is because I blocked him on Twitter after making this Twitter thread letting people know about his behaviour?

thanks for proving to everyone that still, at 30 fucking years old, you can’t accept when someone hits the “block” button and stop trying to interact

like… we barely even interacted, pally. why am i on a list for apologies. all i’ve done is gather up different things that you did - most of which were… you, refusing to take no for an answer when blocked!
fuck off!

do not contact me!

when someone hits the block button online, that is not the opener for a discussion! that means “i don’t want to interact anymore!”

decided i was too angry and shouldn’t be posting it to ko-fi, but below is the original reply i had:

You are fucking 30 years old. When someone blocks you online… Don’t find other methods to contact them! This isn’t hard!

Thanks for the money, I’ll accept it. In the past, I would’ve taken any incidental interactions with you in stride and been polite, but now that you’ve fucking avoided the fact I’ve blocked you on Twitter/most other sites by messaging me through KO-FI of all things? Yeah, now I’m just pissed. Do not contact me again through any method."153

Next Day Edit

This section has a content warning for swearing and mentions of SH For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On January 19, 2021,154 Geckorph made an edit to that post to address the impact Alex's actions had on him either the day of the first post or the day after. This edit reads "so. i’m sure this wasn’t alex’s intention, yeah, but as a result of this happening, i was very triggered, my paranoia is very high and i’m very easily frightened, and i did something to hurt myself.

i have trauma relating to two very specific things, and this event fit into both of those.

alex. you are 31 years old. when someone blocks you, they are setting a boundary. you keep preaching about wanting to change and how you’re making an effort, but then you do shit like this
did you know i have hyper specific trauma? no, and im not saying you aimed to hurt me

but you did still block evade. you still saw i’d blocked you on shit and made a thread talking about why i was uncomfortable with being around you any longer and you still went “im gonna interact anyway”
this is WHY block evading is not okay, you do not know the fucking effect it could have on someone when you cross very simple boundaries, this is exactly the kind of not caring about what your actions might do to someone because you’ve just GOTTAAAAAAA tell them how hard you’re gonna try to fix things that made me make a damn twitter thread about you

seriously, see a professional or something at this point. i’m gonna put you the fuck out of my mind and aim to never think about you again, thank you for triggering me. seek someone’s help in learning how to navigate boundaries or something. just leave me alone unless you wanna come back and pass me $20 for transporation to mental health services"155

Anon-Related Reblog

This section has a content warning for swearing, examples and mentions of harassment, mentions of SH, and mentions of suicide (specifically trans suicide) For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On an unknown date, though likely January 20, 2021,156 Geckorph reblogged the post, showing a number of anons sent to multiple of his blogs, saying "I ALREADY SAID IN THE ORIGINAL POST IM REBLOGGING THAT TGCE MESSAGING ME CAUSED ME SUCH BAD PARANOIA THAT I DID SELF-INJURING THINGS TO MYSELF.

leave me alone. leave me alone. leave me ALONE, you literally went to every single other of my blogs lookinng for whichever ones had anon open tto harass me after i publically stated that i was having intense paranoia.

fuck you, sure, i cannpt fucking afford to bbuy a n w phone ebcause i cant get more shifts at work , but sure i will return the money if you makes you fucking happy. money is returned. never contact me again

sure, i cause trans suicides. sure. ok. thats accepptable to tell someone, /s, especially when the perosn you’re messaging literally deals with frequent suicidal thoughts. that’s fine. /s
never contact me again

i also have NEVER made a fake tgce blog, you motherfucker, thank you for further triggering my paranoia, under the cut is a screenshot of every sideblog i have, but basically


This post also included images of every one of Geckorph's sideblogs.

These images have a content warning for mentions of unsanitary things (specifically fluids) For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

Geckorph's Sideblogs 1
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Geckorph's Sideblogs 2
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Geckorph's Sideblogs 3
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Geckorph's Sideblogs 4
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Anon Reblog Edit

On January 20, 2021,158 Geckorph edited his original post to add a short message and the Twitter thread he made before blocking Alex. This message read "*edit* also, for clarity, since im currently privating my twitter to soothe my wild paranoia assuring me that every message i get is going to be someone telling me that i’m awful and a bad person, ive put the twitter thread’s contents under the cut"159

This thread, and any of the images included in it, will not be included here, due to its length.

Problematic-Creators's Reblog

This section has a content warning for mentions of harassment and mentions of SH For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On an unknown date, likely February 10, 2021,160 Problematic-Creators (a now deleted suspected sockpuppet of Alex's) reblogged Geckorph's reblog of the original post, saying "proof of ezgender using self harm to call out somebody and incite harassment toward them, but had previously talked about how wrong it is to send unsolicited messages to people about trauma. accused someone of sending anons with no proof. from what i’ve been told, several people were triggered by this behavior and have unfollowed this person’s….. many many blogs."161

Geckorph's Second Reblog

This section has a content warning for swearing and mentions of harassment For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On February 10, 2021,162 Geckorph responded to Problematic-Creators's reblog, saying "hi, can i ask what the fuck is wrong with you? what part of this is me inciting harassment? where in this post am i asking for people to message tgce? where in this post am i doing anything but behaving in an obviously very paranoid and triggered manner and basically begging these people to stop interacting with me because it’s harming my mental health?"163

Gender-Resource's Anon

Gender-Resource's Geckorph Anon

On or before February 13, 2021,164 Tumblr user Gender-Resource got an anon attempting to paint Geckorph as a harasser, saying "I just wanted to warn you that ezgender/oakrph is targeting anyone even vaguely supporting tgce and accusing them of secretly being tgce on a new account. My friend got a ton of hate and harassment for trying to stop rumors and his anxiety has been triggered so badly that he can no longer safely use tumblr."165

Gender-Resource's Geckorph Anon Response

On February 13, 2021,166 defending Geckorph and saying "Anon, I’m sorry that your friend is upset, but I refuse to be involved in this. I** have nothing to do with this situation** and I intend to keep it that way.

I have exactly three things to say about this:

  • I do not support racist adults who harass minors over discourse and repeatedly violate people’s boundaries after being asked to stop.
  • I do not want TGCE to contact me, anonymous or otherwise, due to eir repeated and exceptionally poor behavior online. However, eir terminology that I have archived from eir blog is available here for those who may want to use it; it is not my job to police the language other’s use to describe themselves.
  • I never want to receive another ask about this matter again for any reason. This blog isn’t a platform for discourse nor is it a place to further this spectacle, full stop.

- Gent"167

Geckorph's Resonse

On February 13, 2021,168 Geckorph responded to the post, saying "gent, i’m so incredibly sorry that you received this ask. i’ll respect your wishes and boundaries and not bother you with this any further.

i will leave, though, only one comment for anyone who happens to see this, btw - there is zero proof that i have “”targeted”” anyone, in fact, i have in fact been targeted myself, and tgce/alex is still on tumblr, lying, and very blatantly. you can see the document for oneself if you’re not sure or confused.

anon, i think you should be ashamed of yourself. leave me alone, and don’t try to drag other random people into it."169

Suspected Sockpuppet Accounts

Starting during the racism controversy, there were a number of accounts that were suspected to be sockpuppets of Alex's. This section is separate from that one because these accounts have been used against people in a number of other controversies that Alex has been in. Those suspected accounts are listed below. It should be noted that some of these have been proven not to be Alex and will be marked as such, due to them having been suspected to be em at some point in time.

  • Agender1234
  • An-Anonymous-Past
  • Starry-Eyed-Demiguy
  • Reallyshylady (somewhat disproven)
  • Just-For-Reminders (somewhat disproven)
  • Problematic-Creators (somewhat disproven)
  • Kindness-Flags (disproven)
  • Astrophel-Void (disproven)

We also want to note that Alex is suspected of having a history of sending anons pretending to be someone else to harass them. Those anons aren't included here specifically and are just shown in their specific sections.


It should also be noted that Kindness-Flags and Astrophel-Void won't be covered here, as that situation has grown somewhat past just being suspected of being sockpuppets for Alex. Due to that, the whole situation will not be covered on this page, as none of that controversy really involved Alex, past the original suspicion, nor did it affect him much and much less so than it did Kindness-Flags/Astrophel-Void.



Agender1234 is a suspected sockpuppet of Alex's that has some of the fewest posts, but one of the most notorious. It's tied in lack of posts with An-Annonymous-Past.

Calling Ndntra a Slur

On or before, most likely before, October 7, 2020,170 Agender1234 reblogged an unknown post, defending Alex. In the process of doing this, they mashed Ndntra's old URL(bootlgndn) with an anti-Native slur.171 It's unknown if this was unintentional as it seems to have been with Problematic-Creators/Just-For-Reminders, as it's also unknown whether Agender 1234 was another blog run by Jacksonburke, or if it was an actual racist attack.



An-Anonymous-Past is one of Alex's suspected sockpuppet of Alex's with some of the fewest posts alongside Agender1234, with both blogs having the same number of findable posts. It's since been deleted and only has one findable post.

'Calling Out' The-Gender-Collector-Emself

On or before January 19, 2021,172 An-Anonymous-Past made a post tagging The-Gender-Collector-Emself and criticizing the purpose of the blog. This post read "Hey @the-gender-collector-emself, may I ask what the point of your blog is? For my own safety (from folks such as yourself), I’m anonymous here, but how does your blog help this person become better? He posted an apology to his blog and pinned it with links to his behavior, and he’s taken the time to personally apologize to as many people as possible. He’s posting his flags to different blogs to make sure people have access to them for repurposing. People don’t learn by being erased. People learn by taking the necessary steps for change. He’s not interacting with people and he’s been working on becoming less angry, less obsessed, less reactionary. TGCE is gone so that his followers won’t feel uncomfortable with his behavior. His other main, AJB, was abandoned. It was all because he knew he made people uncomfortable.

You also really have to be careful because you have his full legal name on this blog and that can carry some heavy consequences. This isn’t worth the effort if you won’t want to see change. And what kind of activist can you be if you don’t want people to change?

I think that we all need to open up a discussion. Alex needs to take accountability and discuss what he’s going to do to enact change. He acted out of anger and did something racist, and immediately realized how hurt and invalidated people felt after that. There are so many people who would just keep their popular blogs and continue posting and act like nothing happened. He gave that up because it was more important that he change course and started working on recovery.

What are you teaching him? Have you spoken directly to him at all? He’s the one who’s been sharing links to his past behavior and it’s not like he’s unwilling to prove he’s done something wrong here. Is he just deemed a horrible person for the rest of his life with no chance of redemption? Think about the energy you’re putting into this and what can be learned from it. Think about change."173

The-Gender-Collector-Emself responded on January 19, 2021,174 saying "i just wanted to put all the info in one place. he hurt a lot of people, including me. i’m not going to speak to him because i’m over a decade younger than him and i don’t trust him after the shit he’s pulled. all this is is a catalogue.

if he’s changing, he shouldn’t need some rando to defend him."175

They also added in the tags that they wouldn't be responding to this further.176

Sometime after either the 'call out' or The-Gender-Collector-Emself's response, Geckorph commented on one version of the post, saying "“for my own safety from folks such as yourself” alex shut up"177



Starry-Eyed-Demiguy is one of the strongest candidates and suspects for being a sockpuppet of Alex's. This is due to a number of reasons, including their adamant defense of Alex and the similarities between the username and some patterns of and facts about Alex ie. the use of both 'starry' and 'demiguy' in the user, given that Alex has identified as a demiboy and demiguy and eir association and seeming love of space.

The-Gender-Collector-Emself 'Call Out'

This section has a content warning for swearing For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On or before January 23, 2021,178 Starry-Eyed-Demiguy reblogged a post made by The-Gender-Collector-Emself talking about a carrd talking about Alex's behaviour being taken down due to Alex, eir fans or both reporting it. This reblog read "A lot of this seems speculative, like the sockpuppet side blogs and the anonymous messages, it misses so much detail. He also had an apology post put up with links to every single thing he did, and people still went on to believe rumors spread about him having side accounts and continuing to harass people. Because of what this creepy person on the side was doing (just-for-reminders), people accused Stormy of using anti-Indigenous slurs (after a misspelling of bootlegndn's name) and sent him ableist asks about his experience as a system.

His behaviour was uncalled for and his anger was unnecessary, but he genuinely backtracked and reached out to people to apologize. He sent ezgender money to apologize and help with getting a phone because that was a genuine attempt at being better, and ezgender used mental illness as a guilt trip and posted the apology to their blog with the intent to criticize and humiliate him. And now ezgender has a "public updates" Google Doc explaining that they're removing some people's content. Stormy is listed right next to xeno-aligned, even though only one of them is literally currently doubling down on their toxic viewpoints after being told they're wrong about what they're saying (hint: It's not Stormy.) People also dragged his headmate into this after she tried to make sure everyone was okay and tried to see what she could do to help. If you think that's just Stormy but as a persona and not an entirely separate person who wanted to support and apologize, you're a fucking ableist. Full stop.

Stormy took accountability. He realized he fucked up. He cut off contact with people and talked it out with people who would listen. He also told people stop being creepy and whiteknighting him. He asked people what he could do to help. He apologized immediately after realizing his actions were horrible. And he attempted to contact people to formally apologize. Where do you need accountability? He's not on Tumblr anymore as far as I can see. His original pride flag blog is gone, stolen, and he has no way to contact people who followed him. How would he take accountability? If he needs to change, that's exactly what he's doing. But people love drama and love to see people fail, so everyone decided to believe all the rumors and ignore everything else. Because you want attention. Don't act like you didn't just have "Fuck Alex" in the header of your blog and a Carrd literally using a brand that was not yours to use. So much for wanting change.

I think taking someone's brand and using it to post this, and using that energy in a misguided way, is very wrong. You could be using your platform to uplift and support the people who were hurt the most by this behavior. You could be boosting the voices of marginalized creators. Instead, you rebuilt this blog around revenge. I don't see you reaching out to anybody who needs it most.

And most of all, from what I've been seeing on the internet, he wants to talk. And no one is talking. Instead, there's an entire tone-deaf Google Doc about how all of this is wrong, but you never talk about how it can be rectified. You also have his full legal name plastered everywhere. You and this ezgender person. It's petty and it's dangerous, and there's no way to remove that.

Your activism needs solutions. Otherwise, you don't actually care about anybody who was harmed or further marginalized by these actions."179180

It should be noted that this is the post used in Neogenders' call out on Problematic-Creators, to compare Starry-Eyed-Demiguy and Problematic-Creators.

The-Gender-Collector-Emself's Recounting/Version of the 'Call Out'

This section has a content warning for swearing For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On or before February 10, 2021,181 Starry-Eyed-Demiguy allegedly 'called out' the person who took over the 'The-Gender-Collector-Emself' URL for apparently being an "attention seeker"182 for taking over the URL and posting what they do.

While there is a 'call out' reblog of a post by The-Gender-Collector-Emself talking about the removal of their carrd about Alex's behaviour,183 as can be seen in a matchup between the end of that post and the only existing screenshots of the 'call out', there isn't any mention of The-Gender-Collector-Emself being an attention seeker. This discrepancy is likely either a personal interpretation of the reblog, as it does have those undertones (intentionally or not), or a recounting of a different 'call out' that isn't currently available either in post form or from screenshots. It is more likely that there was a separate 'call out' due to the difference in dates between The-Gender-Collector-Emself's post that was proveably reblogged by Starry-Eyed-Demiguy184 and the post talking about the 'call out' by Starry-Eyed-Demiguy.185

On February 10, 2021,186 The-Gender-Collector-Emself responded in a separate post, saying "@starry-eyed-demiguy called me an attention seeker for literally just making a blog to archive alex’s behavior. i barely post here, i literally have no personal information about myself, and i have a grand total of four (4) followers.

this blog is meant to simply display alex’s behavior, full fuckin stop. i literally could not give less of a shit about getting ~clout~ from this or whatever ey think i want. fuckin childish.

oh, and ey’re the second person to tell me that it’s wrong for me to have alex’s legal name ‘plastered’ all over my blog when like,, i never fuckin doxxed him to get it or anything? he volunteered that info willingly? for all i know, alex j brimmer isnt his legal name, he could be pre-legal name change or be using a fake last name, but he put that name out there himself. not my fuckin fault if that’s his legal name."187

This later lead to a response from another suspected sockpuppet of Alex's, Problematic-Creators. Due to that section of the situation involving a different blog, it will be included as a subsection for that blog's section.



Reallyshylady is a now deleted Tumblr blog suspected to be a sockpuppet of Alex's. It's primarily known for sending asks to both Ndntra and Oxigenders, though the ask sent to Oxigenders was covered under the 'Alex's Defender' subsection.

Ndntra's Ask From Reallyshylady

This section has a content warning for uses of anti-native slurs and heavy usage of all caps text For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On or before November 19, 2020,188 Reallyshylady sent an ask to Tumblr user Ndntra, taking responsibility for an anon sent to him, explaining that Just-For-Reminders wasn't Alex, but someone in a server of theirs, and accusing him of wanting perfection from Alex. This anon read "I'll take responsibility for the ask about TGCE. It was me who sent the ask, not him. I'm also the one who talked to greys-dawn about just-for-reminders and confirmed that the sideblog did not belong to TGCE. just-for-reminders was someone in my server who stalked and harassed people until they were banned. TGCE is willing to take accountability for his actions but what you're looking for is perfection. I hope no one comes for you about some of your shady past behavior."189

Reallyshylady Ask
Image Unavailable

Ndntra responded to the ask on November 19, 2020,190 saying "TGCE has made ANOTHER blank blog to harass me with. Jesus.

Me: *asks for him to apologize for all of his behaviors and take responsibility for them*




Just-For-Reminders is a now deleted Tumblr blog suspected to be a sockpuppet of Alex's. It's primarily known for both attacking users for taking a stance against Alex and calling Ndntra an anti-Native slur, though that was allegedly unintended and done due to dyslexia.192

It's hard to track down a number of the blog's posts, but its impact is still clearly seen.

Alex's Just-For-Reminders Anon

On or before September 29, 2020,193 someone sent an ask to the TGCE blog, criticizing Alex for the Just-For-Reminders blog. This anon read "btw the just for reminders shit is a realy bad look too. Id stop trying to defend ur own racism with another blog shit for brains."194

Alex responded on September 29, 2020,195 saying "I don’t have another blog other than my main."196

Discrepancies Between Them and Alex

On or before October 10, 2020,197 Tumblr user Greys-Dawn reblogged a post by Geckorph that was meant to call out Alex for several things, including allegedly running the blog Just-For-Reminders. This reblog was meant to point out somewhat minor instances of misinformation in Geckorph's original post and point out differences between Alex and Just-For-Reminders, saying "so i’m not defending anyone here but i want to point out that just-for-reminders isn’t actually super new. if you check the blog on desktop you’ll see a post history dating back to march of this year- long before any of this went down

Just-For-Reminders Archive Months
Image Unavailable

a majority of the older posts on the blog are about judaism, which… i don’t actually know if stormy& are jewish or not, but i don’t think we’ve heard much about it if ey are? at least, i don’t remember it. so i feel like that’s important to point out
to be honest, i really don’t think just-for-reminders is eir blog. i think they’re just someone who loves drama and has nothing better to do. which doesn’t make things much better, but so far i’m just not convinced, y'know? the only “proof” people have tried giving is mentioning that TGCE posted about it on eir insta, but no one’s given a link or even a screenshot of it, so i find that hard to believe too
all that said, i do have more info. i was kinda hesitant to tell anyone about it since i didn’t really want to get into a huge drama thing to begin with, but i figure it’s important for people to know if they want to avoid stormy&
it’s so new that there’s only one post on it (as of writing) and ey haven’t hidden eir likes and following list yet

Stormy-Space-Dragon Posts
Image Unavailable

Stormy-Space-Dragon Likes
Image Unavailable

ey followed two of our content creation blogs (prismarine-blocks and planet-not-found), which is the only reason we know. it was clearly an accident, but i messaged em about it anyways, just to see how ey found the latter (it’s pretty inactive)

Stormy-Space-Dragon Following Notice
Image Unavailable

Planet-Not-Found and Stormy-Space-Dragon's DMs
Image Unavailable

tbh, at first i thought it could be someone impersonating em as well- i know that’s not a common thing, but after hearing about some 4chan stuff in a similar vein i figured i might as well bite. this message proves to me that it’s definitely em

look. i’m gonna be honest. i don’t think people need to harass em anymore. i’m really not eir biggest fan and i’m not trying to give em sympathy or anything, especially given the sheer number of people coming forward to add onto just how much crap ey’ve gotten away with. i’m also really not happy with eir “but look, i’ve helped build this community!” angle on things- that’s extremely low to say the least, not to mention the guilt tripping tied into it

but. if you’re seeing this and want to send em anon hate, do me a favor and go look at some cats or something. seriously. i think ey get that ey fucked up. i’m not going easy on em or saying ey should get off with just a slap on the wrist, because what ey did was serious. but i don’t think more people need to dogpile em either. i’m making this addition so people can block and move on. that’s that
(that said, alex, if you see this: this goes for you too. you’re a 30 year old human person. if a kid makes you angry, unless you plan to actually educate them in a civilized manner, block and move on. it’ll do you and your health wonders, i promise. just do it)

that’s all i’ve really got to add to this, hope it’s helpful"198

Ndntra's Thoughts

On or before September 30, 2020,199 someone sent an anon to Tumblr user Ndntra in regards to the use of anti-native slurs by some of Alex's suggested sideblogs (though it was likely primarily about Just-For-Reminders), reading "these people are unbelievable. were not rascist u "insert slur here" they realy thought they were being slick not spelling it out as if its something wed never decode."200

They responded on September 30, 2020,201 saying "Yeah and also I lowkey forgave Alex (TGCE) after seeing his apology and was about to drop the whole matter until he made that blog @just-for-reminders two days ago that just apparently knows everything about Alex and everything about the incident and somehow can tell if a vague post is talking about Alex even when all it said was “racism doesn’t belong in the MOGAI community”. Like he really thinks he’s slick about that…💀 I’m just so tired with dealing with him and his racism and everything/everyone around it tbh but I also don’t want to act like nothing ever happened/is happening."202



Problematic creators is a now deleted suspected sockpuppet of Alex's/other blog of Starry-Eyed-Demiguy that was both created and deleted on unknown dates. While this blog did allegedly spread awareness about actually problematic Tumblr users like Xeno-Aligned and LGBTQIArchive (though there are no archived posts to prove this), it also, once again allegedly, spread misinformation about Geckorph without any semblance of proof.

Neogenders' First Callout

They were seemingly first called out in a now deleted post by Tumblr user Neogenders, which read "if you post any anti-tgce content, or were one of the original individuals who called em out, i would recommend blocking @problematic-creators

the blog may seem initially like it is calling out various legitimate instances of problematic behavior (such as reblogging both lgbtqiarchive’s warning post as well as xenic-aligned’s arophobia) however, if you actually visit the blog you will see a disturbing amount of posts targeting vocal anti-tgce blogs as well as the individuals who originally called em out. the blog’s commentary provides baseless/evidence-less accusations against various serious wrongdoings without context or evidence. if you are vocally anti-tgce, i suggest you block this blog, and no matter what your stance on the tgce discourse, i also suggest that you do not provide this individual a platform due to the nature of their content (the fact that they bring up very serious allegations with no evidence, for one)

For context: the tgce callout


Calling out a minor on said minor's donation post

Blaming/shaming an individual for having a trauma response to harassment (note: problematic-creators seems fixated on ez in particular, who has been incredibly vocal about tgce's problematic behavior)

This post about veganism. you can draw your own conclusions

Please do not platform this blog. Spread this post if necessary. "203

Neogenders' Second Callout and Comparison to Starry-Eyed-Demiguy

This section has a content warning for mentions of harassment For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

Some unknown time later, Neogenders made a now deleted reblog to that post, including two images of a reblog from Starry-Eyed-Demiguy that seemed to match up with Problematic-Creators' behaviour, and saying saying "UPDATE: IT IS HIGHLY LIKELY THAT THIS BLOG (PROBLEMATIC-CREATORS), STARRY-EYED-DEMIGUY (TO BE ANALYZED BELOW) ARE IN FACT THAT SAME PERSON

HERE IS THE POST where i am drawing this conclusion from. in it, starry-eyed-demiguy has reblogged from the “the-gender-collector-emself” blog (which is now a callout blog for tgce). screenshots are below for reference (sorry for the shitty quality)

connections between SEDG (starry-eyed-demiguy) and P-C (problematic-creators):

believing that ez’s trauma response to being block-evaded was a guilt trip/intended as humiliation. see link above for the P-C comparison = “He sent ezgender money to apologize and help with getting a phone because that was a genuine attempt at being better, and ezgender used mental illness as a guilt trip and posted the apology to their blog with the intent to criticize and humiliate him“

belief that posting TGCE’s legal name is somehow harmful despite the fact that TGCE (aka alex, who had eir legal name linked in eir youtube and various other social platforms connected to the tgce blog) = “ You also have his full legal name plastered everywhere. You and this ezgender person. It’s petty and it’s dangerous, and there’s no way to remove that.” compared to THIS POST FROM P-C stating “this person also has alex’s full legal name posted to a google doc with links to every one of his social media accounts in order to allow harassment.“

also, if you do read the whole post as dictated above, you may note quite a few… strange assumptions about stormy’s mental state, actions towards accountability, and online presence from SEDG. combine this with SEDG’s information provided in eir blog description, and it’s very interesting when compared to TGCE. an interesting note that i am not drawing conclusions from in this post. "204

Starry-Eyed-Demiguy Reblog Part 1
Image Unavailable

Starry-Eyed-Demiguy Reblog Part 2
Image Unavailable
'Calling Out' Greys-Dawn

This section has a content warning for mentions of veganism, weight, neglect by parents, weight, being underweight, weight gain (presented positively), and SH For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On an unknown date, likely February 10, 2021,205 Problematic-Creators reblogged a call out about Alex created by Greys-Dawn, saying "here is greys-dawn, the person suspected of inciting harassment due to rumors spread.

you can also see oakrph calling out unsolicited messages about trauma, but decided it was okay to trigger their followers with posts about self harm and needed hospitalization as a way to gain sympathy. posted alex's apology to their followers and allowed harassment.

this person also has alex's full legal name posted to a google doc with links to every one of his social media accounts in order to allow harassment."206

Geckorph responded to this on February 10, 2021,207 dismantling Problematic-Creators' arguments and including images. This response read "i would usually cut this post for length, but i’m leaving all the screenshots and links provided, because i want it to be archived and shown what problematic-creators considers “inciting harassment due to rumors spread”.

…needed hospitalization? did i say that? genuine question. i don’t think i said that? if i said something that implied that, that’s a misphrasing on my part. also, my posts you’re referencing, for context, are here. what happened is that i had blocked alex, and he bought me a ko-fi to message me and apologize. this triggered me because my abusive mother used to have a habit of doing the same thing, and that combined with the anxiety brought from the situation led me to take actions to purposefully harm myself. that’s the full context you are leaving out here. in addition, i really wanna point out that every single post where i mentioned this was properly tagged, whereas of course there was no tagging when alex entered someone’s dms to dump details of his trauma on them for critiquing veganism.

The-Gender-Collector-Nymself's Veganism DM
Image Unavailable

Self Harm Content Warning Tag
Image Unavailable


'Don't Send Hate' Rule/Disclaimer
Image Unavailable

and, lastly… huh. a vague post, which i’m sure happens to be aimed @ndntra. that’s very classy for you.

Veganism Vague-Post Aimed at Ndntra
Image Unavailable

just a question, but why have there now been, counting your blog, five seperate tumblr accounts nearly entirely dedicated to harassing people who critique tgce. (all of these can be seen in the tgce google doc)

whoever is doing this: you are aware, right, that this is not helping alex's case, correct? no part of this is going to make a single person more comfortable with interacting with him or want to forgive him. in fact, the more this occurs, the more uncomfortable people are becoming with alex and everyone associated with him.

alex, if you happen to encounter this post somehow, which a part of me suspects you will, please do the right thing and denounce this behavior."208

'Calling Out' Geckorph 1

This section has a content warning for swearing and mentions of harassment For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On or before February 10, 2021,209 Problematic-Creators reblogged a post by Geckorph explaining who is is, why he might've followed certain people, and his DNI. This reblog read "inciting hate and harassment toward someone by posting a long callout document with personal info including full legal name.

seems to also consider no nuance in factkin discourse and has decided that factkin is flatout “wrong”. believes any aspect of otherkin can be a choice and therefore problematic.

also engages in puritanism and demonizes those who engage in problematic content even critically.

suspected racism as well. i’ll have some links for that soon. may also be involved in using side blogs to harass people.

they’re also the one who used mental illness as an excuse to incite harassment.

i will be putting together documents on how to report this blog and what can legally be done about this behavior."210

On February 10, 2021,211 Geckorph responded to the majority of their points, saying "1. he posts his own fucking legal name everywhere. it is not me spreading his personal info when it’s literally the name of his youtube channel and other media.
2. i actually specifically do not believe otherkind identities are a choice, thanks. HERE IS A TAG ON A BLOG I USED TO RUN THAT SHOULD EXPLAIN MY REASONS FOR BEING ‘ANTI-FACTKIN’. if i can clear anything up, try asking me about it instead of hypocritically harassing me on a sideblog.
3. if i’ve done something racist, please talk to me so i can fix it. i would also love to hear what sideblogs i’ve used to harass people.
4. using mental illness as an excuse - hi, there is a HUGE difference between me being wildly triggered by someone block evading me and posting a post which was trigger tagged appropriately and a 30 year old GOING INTO SOMEONE’S DMS TO TELL THEM ABOUT HIS TRAUMA. also have specifically repeatedly said i don’t want people to harass tgce/send hate. being critical of someone’s behavior is not inciting hate.

'Don't Send Hate' Rule/Disclaimer
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in conclusion, i am not afraid of you. you want to take legal action somehow? if anything goes anywhere, i will happily meet you in court, you absolute ass."212

'Calling Out' Geckorph 2

On or before February 10, 2021,213 Problematic-Creators reblogged an introduction post by Heterosexualityisnotadefault (a side blog of Geckorph), saying "this is getting reblogged regardless of tags so people know where to find this person and their blogs and other websites so that they can be avoided, or content can be reported as needed.

this person is suspect of instigating harassment and making side blogs to harass others. they also are ableist and used self harm as an excuse to call out and humiliate others. also engaged in puritanism and will call out people who interact with problematic content, regardless if the person is aware of problematic themes.

will get links for this at a later time. will update this post with more of their side blogs as needed."214

Geckorph responded on February 10, 2021,215 saying "thank you for instigating harassment against me. if anybody who reads this wants to read full context, including screenshots, HERE’S THE GOOGLE DOC ABOUT TGCE AND THE PEOPLE WHO DEFEND THEM.

also, is this what you’re talking about when you say “will call out people who interact with problematic content, regardless if the person is aware of problematic themes”? IF ANYONE WANTS TO VIEW MY BLOCKLIST IN FULL, SHIT’S PUBLIC, THEY CAN DO SO. sorry for not liking anti-antis and pro-shippers..??

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or are you talking about my recent frustration with people making me uncomfortable and adding this banner?

DNI Banner
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'Calling Out' The-Gender-Collector-Emself

This section has a content warning for heavy usage of all caps text, swearing, and mentions of harassment For anyone sensitive to these things, the following sections are free of any similar content.

On or before February 11, 2021,217 Tumblr user Problematic-Creators responded to a post by the reclaimed version of The-Gender-Collector-Emself discussed earlier in this article. This response said "HE’S NOT EVEN ON TUMBLR AND IF THAT’S HIS “PRE-LEGAL NAME”, YOU NEED TO NOT POST IT PLACES. YOU CAN’T FIND HIM UNDER THAT NAME WHICH IS A SIGN YOU NEED TO STOP THE HARASSMENT AND STOP SAYING THAT RANDOM USERS ARE ALEX."218

Greys-Dawn responded to that reblog on or before February 11, 2021,219 to defend The-Gender-Collector-Emself, writing "dude what

literally the first things you find in a google search for the name alex j brimmer are eir stuff, including eir face which ey also put up everywhere

'Alex J Brimmer' Search Results
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'Alex J Brimmer' Image Results
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also people have pointed out the fact that alex uses eir legal name (as in alex j brimmer) for all eir social media. why are you ignoring that?"220

The-Gender-Collector-Emself reblogged this version of the post on February 11, 2021,221 to further respond, saying "yeah. also ive never harassed anyone, so that’s bullshit. and it doesn’t matter if alex isnt on tumblr bc this blog isn’t just meant for him, it’s for anyone who needs a reference for his behavior."222

Just-For-Reminders and Problematic-Creators Coming Clean

On or before February 18, 2021,223 now deleted Tumblr user Jacksonburke made a post coming forward about being the person who ran both Just-For-Reminders and Problematic-Creators, saying "hey, i wanted to post this to clear up a lot of shit i just did. my girlfriend found out about this and she wants me to make a post to confess.

my name is jackson and i’m 19 years old. i am just-for-reminders, the weird stalkery dude who started shit with literally anyone involved with tgce.
tgce refused to do a request for me and blocked me because i am anti bi/pan lesbian and anti vegan. those opinions won’t change so don’t bother harassing me about it. but i got pissed and i started posting about him, stirring up shit between blogs, sending anons left and right. @ezgender got anons from me pretending to be someone who supported them and who wanted my “money back” (i didn’t even send money. i just wanted to be a jerk.)

and yea, i ban evaded. i liked that people thought i was him and i wanted him off tumblr. it worked.

and yea yea yea, it looked like i called @ndntra a bad word because i misspelled bootlegndn. i can’t count how many times i looked up “pride flags” on google only to misspell the second word. it doesn’t make me a homophobe, just dyslexic. i find it hilarious that people thought tgce called someone a slur.

@reallyshylady is not me. she was a mod in an aroace server that i was active in and she banned me for past behavior and doesn’t know how to get over herself.

i’m also problematic-creators. i thought starting a blog to pretend to call out people about problematic stuff would be hilarious. and it was. i reblogged myself on jfr to make it look like two accounts.
everything else is true about tgce. discoursing w minors, vegan moral superiority, being aggressively pro endo. that stuff is correct. but not racial slurs or stalking or sending anons or secret side blogs. that was all me.

i can’t keep making accounts but i took down the tgce blog and ruined his reputation more than i hoped for so that’s cool i guess.





Space-Demiboy is a Tumblr blog that popped up in July of 2021, claiming to- and likely being- Alex, though the second and final post on the blog does seem to refer to Alex as a separate person (primarily in saying TGCE's instead of the TGCE or my).225 The two posts226 on the blog are either claiming to be Alex and reblogging from someone who made it clear that he doesn't want any contact with Alex227 and asking for the removal of Alex's last name from any pages on this Wiki.

Indirectly Reblogging from Geckorph

On July 31, 2021,228 Space-Demiboy reblogged a post from Geckorph that's likely most recognized for bringing to light the existence of Agender1234 and their use of a slur against Native Americans. The reblogging of this post somewhat violated Geckorph's wish for Alex to not contact him,229 regardless of the fact that ey reblogged the post from a reblog of The-Gender-Collector-Emself, as Tumblr notifies people when they're reblogged from, regardless of if that was done directly or not.

This reblog seems to be directed at The-Gender-Collector-Emself and reads "This is Alex.

We need to talk, and I mean a serious talk, because now some random user minding her own business has been forced into this situation and is being accused of being me. That’s not okay.

I’m also working on changing my legal name because the last name is linked to family trauma and this blog will eventually be considered as having my dead name on it. The last name on these posts also makes it unsafe for anyone in my family who shares my last name, because people can find them.

I have been filing reports with Tumblr to have this blog taken down because no matter what steps I take going forward, this blog will remain, and that will hinder any sort of growth as a person. It also puts me in danger.

This is an opportunity to talk this out. I am no longer involved in the community and have stayed away from Tumblr due to death threats from the person who came forward as being just-for-reminders. People deserve a chance to just live their lives, even if they did some really shitty things, and I cannot do that with this lingering over my head. I have reached out as much as I can to apologize to those affected by my behavior, and an apology went out on this blog when it was mine with links to everything I did. I don’t understand how it got to this.

Right now, I’ve been working on removing my credit from any terms or flags I’ve made that have been posted on queer Wikis so that people do not have to associate those things with me, because I know that those terms and flags belong to the community.

My inbox is open. I also want to try and set up some kind of communication between this blog and the blog of the person being accused of being me. No one deserves that.

If anything at all, please, remove my face and my last name from this blog. It’s the only thing I truly want right now, so that I can live with my dignity and safety. I will always take accountability, and I will always check in with my community and my viewers when they call me out on what I’ve done because that’s my role here, but that also means being able to move forward. There is no change standing still."230

Reblogging from Gender-Archival

On July 31, 2021,231 Space-Demiboy reblogged the post on Gender-Archival announcing the launch of Genderpedia and asking for eir last name to be removed from any part of the site. This reblog reads "I need to ask you to please remove the full name on the TGCE’s terms section and anything related. That name is being changed legally due to family trauma and dysphoria. In a few months’ time, that name will be considered a dead name."232

Eir Terms

For a full list of genders coined by Alex on any of eir Tumblr blogs, see Alex J's Terms. It should be noted that any terms that ey may have coined exclusively on Discord are currently not included.

Eir Gender System

Cosmoic Alignments

The Cosmoic Alignments is a system of Astronogenders related to different parts of space.

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