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The Aami System is a system of Yoruba exclusive Neogenders, Specifigenders, Fluiagenders, and Fluxiagenders created to help Yoruba people describe their gender in terms of Yoruba culture and roles.

It's described by the coiner as "The Aami System is a gender system to help Yoruba people describe their gender in a way specifically related to Yoruba culture and cultural roles, separate from western culture and the western binary.

The system going to contain many (exact number still to be decided) terms related to malehood, womanhood, neutrality, etc. for Yoruba people to more specifically describe their gender in relation to those concepts and more, as well as Yoruba culture and cultural roles."1


The Aami System was coined on February 15, 2021,2 by Mod Che at Tumblr blog MOGAI-Monarchs.

The current last set of terms, various fluid, flux, and poly-genders were coined on March 19, 2021.3

As of July 6, the system is still unfinished and is likely going to remain that way, given the blog's semi-inactivity and total inactivity from Mod Che.

The Terms

To view all of the genders in the system, see Aami System Genders

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